IVF Holocaust – A Thorough Destruction

In a Hollywood movie, Sophie’s Choice, Meryl Streep won an Oscar. The enactment and the storyIVF Holocaust were so heart wrenching and made an impact on the HUMAN life that it deserved Oscar worthiness. Spoiler Alert : In the movie, the CHOICE that the character Sophie had to make was which one of her children will she SEND to the gas chamber as ordered by the Nazis OR which one of her children will she SAVE from the Nazis? How does a PARENT begin to even CONTEMPLATE? Among the millions of others killed and who suffered heinous crimes, their ONLY FAULT was they were “Jewish”. Sadly, there are still people in this world who DENY the holocaust as ever happening thus denying the basic human respect to ALL the victims and survivors. Due to prevailing laws (or rather lack thereof), an immigrant US father in an international IVF is left with some PAINFUL choices of picking one IVF child over the other. There are other IVF families left with SIMILAR choices of either living in EXILE or ABANDON the IVF child or BREAK THE LAWS. Is there an IVF HOLOCAUST (a thorough destruction as per definition in dictionary) going on currently? Is the ONLY FAULT of IVF children they are born as “IVF”? Do IVF children have their own individual rights as a HUMAN? What is the FUTURE of rights for IVF children and families? It takes great strength and courage to affect a change to traditionally set beliefs. We are asking for the “PROCESS for change” to start if NOT CREATE any more victims of prevailing laws for IVF families.

ONE man, TWO IVF children, SIX women, who is the MOTHER? or should it be about the BEST INTEREST of the CHILDREN?

Due to the conspiracy to use loophole in the laws for personal gains, an IVF child is rendered STATELESS. There are MILLIONS of children who are rendered STATELESS every year be it the NAZI war time or the wars in South America or Rwanda or Liberia or Sudan or Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria. There are people who stand criminal trials even TODAY for crimes against humanity. Is abandoning an IVF child and making her stateless and denying her basic human rights a crime against humanity and endangering the welfare of the child? Are IVF children needs/rights SAME as traditional children’s needs/rights? Today an IVF father CANNOT actively participate in his son’s life even though he has legal custody, a son cannot enjoy the love of a sibling he dreamt of, or the love and hugs of fast-aging grandparents who raised him, and is completely ISOLATED from his biological family. What is the definition of child abduction?

There are courts who will use the TRADITIONAL meaning of a “child born of a marriage”. For example, a husband while being married to woman A has a child with a woman B who he is NOT married to. In that case, the child from woman B is NOT a “child of the marriage” with woman A. In a TRADITIONAL sense, the husband “cheated” on his wife. In a TRADITIONAL sense, the husband or the father probably did NOT plan on having a child with the other woman B? In a TRADITIONAL sense, the husband or the father did NOT get his child from woman A excited about having a child from woman B because he was not planning it. Because of the lack of laws, innocent IVF children are placed in a LEGAL LIMBO. Do IVF children have LEGAL RIGHTS? Is it an IVF Holocaust when innocent IVF children are deliberately placed into LEGAL LIMBO for personal benefit of adult? How does an IVF child travel internationally to meet their sibling and family without proper travel documents?

An IVF father in an infertile marriage may use an egg donor and a surrogate to have an IVF child. Is the “IVF child of the marriage”? Is the IVF father “cheating” on his partner by having an IVF child through an egg donor and surrogate because the partner is infertile? Is the IVF father helping or cheating the infertile partner? If the IVF father shared dreams and promises to his IVF son that he will have a sibling soon, made plans and went baby shopping, made plans on caring for an infant sibling, does the innocent IVF child have ANY rights to fulfill those DREAMS of a sibling? If the IVF father tried MULTIPLE times despite the failures of IVF cycles and over a period of three years, does the IVF father and the IVF son have ANY right to enjoy the IVF sibling together?

The VICTIMS in Rwanda or in Nazi Europe or so many other human-made tragedies have got justice after years or even decades. When do VICTIMS of a dysfunctional intersex marriage and its effects get relief? Even in International adoption, there is a concept of the Subsidiarity Principle where siblings are allowed to grow up together, where is a similar notion in international IVF/Surrogacy children? Is this an IVF holocaust?

This is NOT about intersex rights or non-biological parent rights or so many other LAWS which have been violated. This is about the best interest of the children. This is about TRUTH Vs. LIES. This is about RELIEF for VICTIMS who showed HUMAN RIGHTS to someone where the LAWS itself fell short. This is about STOP living in secrecy and lies and start living with truth. Secrecy and lies are a failed approach especially when the punishment is meted out to innocent, voiceless children for crimes they did not commit.

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