Intersex Family Rights

Does a “F.A.M.I.L.Y” when two genetic males are parents have same rights? Are their equal rights for gay families? Intersex families are different than gay families BUT from a legal perspective they are treated the same including immigration and marriage rights and thus rights of innocent children and siblings.

If intersex family rights existed, two innocent, voiceless IVF children -brother and sister would be growing up together.FAMILY

If intersex family rights existed, a victimized IVF father would NOT have to face the IVF Holocaust (a thorough destruction) of picking between two children.

If intersex family rights existed, all daughters and sons would be EQUAL and not made STATELESS.

If intersex family rights existed, a traumatized IVF father would not have to choose between ADOPTION, ABANDON or raise his IVF daughter in EXILE. What would you do?

If intersex family rights existed, an IVF son would still be continuing to enjoy his life with his IVF father and vice versa.

If intersex family rights existed, an IVF brother could have his dreams come true of wanting a sibling. An IVF brother could enjoy “tea-time” with his loving IVF sister, play hide and seek and enjoy voices of laughter crackling together, teach alphabets and numbers to each other, jive to the favorite music and songs, dance like its 2113 (maybe equal IVF child rights by then?) but above all learn to hug and kiss and have a sibling bond that ONLY siblings can share.

If intersex family rights existed, there would be NO need for a spouse caregiver of intersex to ask for his rights or his children’s rights. Only through education and spreading awareness can we get rights. If intersex family rights existed, domestic violence and abuse against spouse caregiver and children would be accounted for.

If intersex family rights existed, medical professionals would have NO need to create fraud medical records, a crime.

If intersex family rights existed, what about the torture perpetrated on an intersex family before 2013, the year when UN Special Rapporteur on Torture called for a STOP on coerced intersex surgeries.

If intersex family rights existed, there would be NO forced silence and there would be NO FORCE to LIE and live in SECRET.

When an individual tries to give human rights to someone where laws itself falls short, what is the outcome? Should other humans including innocent, voiceless children also be punished?

Sometimes in life when we start our journey there are things we experience which we never envision. For the sake of children, it is important to speak up now and secure EQUAL rights for IVF children and families, EQUAL rights for intersex. The difference between the journey in SILENCE Vs TRUTH is the goals and objectives are well established.

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