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The IVF Movement

Infertility or dysfertility is very traumatic. And as we move into the 21st century, it is time to HARNESS the IVF movement equal rightstechnology. IVF is a wonderful technology that assists infertile or dysfertile people to have children. And just like any other technology, it can be misused. In this case, IVF produces “human babies” and somehow we are of the opinion that “human babies” have MORE rights than other animals or material things. IVF children are NOT to be treated like “property” but rather as their own individual human beings with their own rights. The IVF ecosystem is bigger than the traditional two parents and rights of all need to be considered including IVF children and families, donors, surrogates.

There are other medical conditions with far FEWER incidence rates but have a lot more awareness and LAWS to help families cope with this. Medical conditions like cystic fibrosis, autism, certain forms of cancer, and so on have FAR FEWER incidence rates than infertility as per CDC data. Then why the DIFFERENCE in the legal treatment? Why are there NO CONSISTENT LAWS for protecting IVF children and families dealing with infertility? Maybe because it is dealt with secrecy, lies, and lack of awareness and TRUTH is TWISTED. How is UNTRUTH going to solve a problem? Dealing with facts and promulgating EQUAL laws will. If you agree, join us in an IVF Movement.

BANNING the technology may be a knee-jerk reaction but not a permanent one and it stifles innovation. Multiple factors are calling for urgent action for the IVF Movement and to pass laws. With increasing globalization, international IVF is more prevalent mainly due to affordability. As gay marriages are being legalized, there will be a greater demand to have children through IVF. If there are international laws for child abduction and child adoption, why are there NO international laws for IVF children and families? There are citizenship issues and IVF children are inadvertently placed in LEGAL LIMBO. How do you protect the rights of an innocent, voiceless IVF child whose own LEGAL STATUS is in LIMBO? Do IVF children have any rights or are the “property”?

In the IVF movement, there are several participants. Certain scientific facts CANNOT be unchanged. To have a baby, one needs sperm, egg and a womb. It is NOT OFFENSIVE, it is a FACT. Most citizenship laws are based on “BIOLOGICAL LINK” even though non-biological parental rights are promoted. The reality of international IVF and immigration is NOT IN SYNC with social realities of non-biological parental rights. First, we need a consistent set of terminology in the IVF movement independent of GENDER or SEXUAL ORIENTATION. We need to recognize that the IVF child is a HUMAN BEING with their own individual human rights and not “property” to be traded.

Infertility – Any individual with fertility issues.

Dysfertility – Any individual or couple who are fertile but need help of someone else to have a child. For example, a gay or lesbian or intersex couple, or a single parent.

Intended parent – Any parent – male or female wanting to be responsible and accountable for an IVF child starting with birth, raising, and their growth and development.

Donor – Any compassionate human willing to donate their egg or sperm.

Surrogate – Any compassionate woman willing to offer their womb for gestation, sometimes could be the mother herself depending on the fertility issues.

IVFphile – An intended parent who abandons an IVF pregnancy midway with no responsibility or accountability for the IVF child and the left-behind IVF parent. Sometimes leading to a case of LEGAL LIMBO or STATELESSNESS for the IVF child and IVF parent causing severe harm and damage. Much like a pedophile where the innocent, voiceless victims have no say. Who pays the surrogate if an IVFphile abandons an IVF pregnancy?

IVFphobe – People who are opposed to IVF for moral, religious or personal reasons and thats to be respected. Some choose to remain silent about their opposition, while some are vocal and while some are offensive and abusive. Any opposition should pre-date the birth of the IVF child, once the IVF child is born, why abuse and punish innocent IVF children and give them LESS rights (even if inadvertent) than any other human child?

IVF parent – Socially, same as the intended parent. But legally, a “biological link” is required with the child for immigration purposes which creates a legal entity called “IVF parent” as the parent with the “biological link” to the child for legal purposes.

Intended Residence – Because of international IVF, immigration laws of resident countries need to be followed. Just like it is important to identify intended parents of an IVF child, it is equally important to identify the intended residence of the IVF child and ensuring the IVF child can PASS the prevailing immigration laws to get to the intended residence. Much like the substantial presence test used for immigration and tax purposes.

Any parent who has been through IVF can tell you that IVF is a journey. Not to take anything away from a parent who gave birth naturally but if infertility or dysfertility is a medical condition, it has to be treated as such. Education, spreading awareness is going to get us to a stage of EQUAL laws. It maybe a while and takes time BUT is the right path. As one can see the IVF ecosystem is huge and it takes more than the “two traditional parents” to make a child. Do the LAWS reflect this reality? Is everyone’s best interest in an IVF procedure accounted for? Just like IVF is a journey and a roller-coaster ride of emotions, finances, unequal laws, etc., the IVF Movement is to eradicate or soften the blow of these issues.

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