The Ethos of USA

“Zinda, hain toh, pyala, poora bhar le” translated as “Since you are alive, fill up the whole glass”. Isethos of living the glass half full or half empty or completely full? How do we want to LIVE?

The American ethos is strong. Not to take anyone’s sides but we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. What America does is bring in transparency to the process. It may not be perfect but it REDUCES any further victimization. We are humans, humans make mistakes, we admit our mistakes, learn from our mistakes, we move FORWARD. This is easier said than done. It is tough for many HUMANS to follow this ethos at an individual level let alone do it at a systemic level. Thats where the USA differs in it brings transparency to the process. It builds CREDIBILITY.

Open and sharing for greater good

If there is any seismic movement in the world, like an earthquake or a nuclear test, any news report you read will always have a reference to USGS. It is NOT like other countries do not have similar technology BUT the USA has the technology and OPENLY SHARES the information for all. And that too for territory which is NOT EVEN in the USA.

If there is any weather related event, a tsunami or a major hurricane or snowstorm or typhoon, again the above story is REPEATED.

USA fights many wars across the globe. It does take a toll, just ask any tax-paying American citizen in addition to any military personnel and if you have benefited from these wars, be thankful for the freedoms. Sadly, we are humans and we make mistakes and whether it is “friendly fire” or accidental bombs going off, USA will announce the deaths AND take responsibility for it so we can ALL move forward including victims and survivors. Recently, bombs were dropped in the Great Barrier Reef, an ecologically protected area and the US reported the mistakes and stated the FACTS. They could have stayed silent. Is there any noise when a tree falls in a forest and NO ONE is around?

Some great technological companies have started out on this ETHOS of open internet, open information, open sharing. Some may have started out with the right intent but made some mistakes along the way to this ETHOS. What is important to recognize is the ETHOS of transparency pervades from the humans to a systemic level.

What are the disadvantages of LIES, NON-TRANSPARENCY, SECRECY where national security is not threatened?

1) People who may be innocent VICTIMS have to first overcome the BURDEN of the complex web of secrecy, lies, false documentation – things that court of law calls evidence. If the VICTIMS are somehow able to overcome these multiple burdens including STRONG forces opposed to the TRUTH getting out AND they SURVIVE, they can take the NEXT step. The NEXT step is to get RELIEF as VICTIMS and not necessarily JUSTICE. In the meantime which may have lasted years, decades or even lifetimes, they are only VICTIMIZED further. They have survived and so tired from it all that they may be CONTENT with just getting RELIEF as VICTIMS and may not even CARE about JUSTICE for the wrongs done to them in the first place. And the wrongs that were REPEATED because there was strong opposition to the TRUTH coming out because it may place some very powerful and influential people in precarious positions.

2) As humans, we ALL want to MOVE FORWARD. As long as there is NO HOPE for RELIEF for VICTIMS or JUSTICE, it is very difficult to move forward. Years ago and is still probably true today, rape VICTIMS were NOT taken seriously and even if a case began, the VICTIM had to relive the trauma and tragedy – if lucky only once or sometimes relive it multiple times and even after that the perpetrator(s) may get away. Where is the relief for victim or justice? Recently, a woman in UAE was imprisoned just for daring to report a RAPE! When will relief for victim and justice arrive?

3) IVF children and families are living this trauma and tragedy EVERYDAY when natural families are SEPARATED. There is relentless secrecy, lies, fraud, manipulation of laws, and so on REPEATED on innocent, voiceless IVF children just to SEPARATE them from the natural families. When will the victimization END and rule of law applied? When will RELIEF for VICTIMS arrive and is JUSTICE for the CRIMES a foregone conclusion? Is it illegal to REPORT the CRIMES against innocent IVF children and families?

Learning the ETHOS of USA and applying it when giving human rights to someone where laws itself fell SHORT has created a STRIPPING of our rights AND SEPARATION of innocent, voiceless IVF children. Let us see if TRUTH prevails and allows us our rights and stops PUNISHING the innocent, voiceless IVF children in being forced to grow up separately. We are humans, we made mistakes, we admit mistakes, can we MOVE FORWARD especially the innocent, voiceless siblings who have a life AHEAD of them?

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