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If I Had a Passport…

1) I would go to America to see my brotherivf-passport

2) I want to play with my brother’s toys he shows on Skype

3) I want to spend only ONE night in America

4) I want to play in the snow

5) I want to tie Rakhi and make a drawing (card) for my brother

6) I want to go ice skating (skates with knives)

7) I want to go to London

8) I want to go see giraffes and zebras

9) I want to go dancing (Ok, don’t really need a passport for that)

10) I will become as astronaut and go to space as I will NOT need a passport.

These are the wishes of an innocent 4 year old IVF sister for her IVF brother. Two innocent siblings who have been deliberately separated due to NO CRIMES of their own. As a humanity, as a global citizen of the world, why can’t we rise above and spare the innocent children and the most vulnerable? What message do we send our future generations like these innocent IVF siblings, that breaking laws is more rewarding than changing laws? That creating human children through IVF is just a “commercial transaction” with NO responsibility or accountability for the innocent human life? In an ever increasing globalized world where services are sought globally, the laws, the legal jurisdictions need to become ONE in cases where the impact is global. Especially where the “service” involves innocent human children. We cannot and will not allow our innocent children to be used as “human chatal” rather as a beacon of hope that change is coming. IVF is all about change, are the laws ready for it?

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Rakhi 2013

For those who have grown up in India or are of Indian origin know Rakshabandhan or Rakhi as a festival of rakshabandhansiblings pouring with love and protection. This year, it is the 4th Rakhi that a brother and sister have celebrated but NEVER met each other. The older sibling, the brother was dressed and waited for the Video phone call over Skype from his younger sister SEPARATED by the seven seas. He said he would tie the Rakhi ONLY after the Skype call. Is that LOVE? Is anyone listening to the voiceless children? The comments of the innocent sister are too emotional to repeat here. Do innocent, voiceless children have rights as a human being? Why are innocent siblings being forcefully DENIED their rights? This is about the FUTURE. It is about seeing this case when things have moved forward and we will be asked what did we do WAITING on the sidelines? Because that is the POWER OF TRUTH.

This was not a crime of greed, this was not a crime of vengeance, but it was an act of selfishness, a crime of selfishness” – said Judge P. Kevin Castel of Federal District Court.

A parent STATING that the other parent CANNOT raise his child till the child is eighteen years of age is ABUSE. It may not seem that way now but just like the GAY rights movement, in a decade after the alienated parents’ movement, it will be CALLED ABUSE which is a crime. If a parent takes a son, a young male AWAY from his father until he is 18, it is ABUSE. If a non-biological, infertile parent takes a child away from the biological siblings and family till the child is 18, it is ABUSE. Could an intersex person have done this if LAWS were respected and DUE PROCESS was allowed and WITHOUT abandoning a second IVF sibling as a major decoy? Gay marriage was ILLEGAL in 2003 but is LEGAL in 2013. Parental Alienation is LEGAL in 2013, what will it be in 2023? You have to start thinking from the CHILD’s perspective?

There is NOTHING stereotypical about an intersex, immigrant, IVF children family. Laws have to be BROKEN in each area and one loses count of how many laws have to be broken. The appeal is to SPARE the innocent, IVF children and NOT PUNISH them by REPEATING secrecy, lies and fraud and for crimes they did not commit. By denying the TRUTH and continuing to LIE is not good for health of innocent IVF children. If you have committed NO CRIMES, why would you not say the truth? Being intersex or immigrant or having children through IVF is nothing NEW. There are several people in each category and they share and say the TRUTH. The difference is LIES, secrecy and fraud and the “undoing” of those lies. Being TRUTHFUL is a burden and a responsibility and may not be LIKED at first. One perseveres because of innocent, voiceless children.

1) If a parent of intersex can lie, cheat and break the laws for sake of their intersex child and have sympathy; does an IVF parent have the right to say the TRUTH to get rights of the IVF children?

2) If an intersex person is a victim of nature; who are the innocent, voiceless IVF children VICTIMS of?

3) If other siblings can share the special bond of Rakshabandhan for THEIR lifetimes to remember and cherish, why can’t IVF siblings have EQUAL opportunity and rights?

4) If a parent of an IVF child celebrates Rakshabandhan with their siblings, isn’t it hypocritical to DENY the IVF child to celebrate Rakhi with his siblings?

5) Is it hypocritical and abusive to a child who is allowed to visit other girls but NOT allowed to visit his own sister? Is a sister’s LOVE that easily replaceable?

6) If an intersex person is a victim of secrecy, lies, and stigma including parts of medical community and society; why repeat the secrecy, lies, fraud documents with IVF children?

7) The PM of India has a message to “ensure safety and security of women” this Rakhi 2013. Does that INCLUDE IVF girl children and surrogates?

8) What could be the possible reason for deliberately separating an innocent child from his biological family and siblings? Is it about the best interest of the child or someone else?

While MOST people who opt for IVF do it because they have some fertility issues and want a child. Sadly, some people who place an “order” for an IVF child later change their minds and abandon the IVF pregnancy. What are the RIGHTS of the IVF child? What are the rights of the left-behind parent or the surrogate left to deal with raising and caring for the abandoned IVF child? Is this the future we want as a humankind or should there be laws to protect the best interest of the IVF child and left-behind family? 

We have NO DOUBT that in the future there will be equal intersex rights so families do NOT have a need to lie, fraud or break laws and live in secrecy and stigma. We have NO DOUBT that in the future there will be EQUAL rights for IVF children and families so there is NO need to lie, fraud or break the laws and SPLIT IVF siblings. Thats the FUTURE. Looking back to today (NOW), why ROB innocent childhoods from IVF siblings?