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Are Children Individuals with Rights?

Recently Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, and other Hollywood stars backed an anti-paparazzi bill into law which would not allow the paparazzi to harass children of celebrities. This also means that children children individual rightsare their own individuals and have separate rights from their parents’ rights. Or is it? Is the same true of IVF children? Do IVF children have their own individual rights or they have to secure their rights via gender and biological link to the parent?

Why should the gender of a parent matter to determine rights of an IVF child? A child is a child, right?

Does a child have their own individual rights or are they property of a parent?

Is getting legal birth documents the right of an individual (child) or can a parent fraud the birth documents for personal benefit without permission from the child?

Is jeopardizing the legal status of an IVF child knowingly a crime or does the child have individual rights to attain proper legal status?

What if an IVF child wants to grow up with his primary care provider and siblings, have they been allowed that opportunity? Is that their individual right?

What if an IVF child wants to get to know their biological family? Do they have individual rights to do so?

What if an IVF child wants to demand their rights but has been placed in a legal limbo status, how do they get their individual rights?

What are the rights of an abandoned IVF child which is very much a deliberate pregnancy unlike an unwanted natural born pregnancy? Does the commissioning adult have any responsibility and accountability?

What are the rights of the surrogate woman who may be left with an abandoned IVF child?

What if the surrogacy is a commercial agreement and does the surrogate deserve to get paid even though the commissioning adult decided to abandon the IVF pregnancy?

What if an IVF child does not want to be alienated from his biological family, does he have the individual right to do so?

What if a parent continues to lie and break the laws and abuses the child into alienation and isolation, does the child have individual rights?

What if an IVF child requires special needs due to the fact they are IVF but truth is hidden and are thus denied the essential resources, does the IVF child deserve equal and individual rights?

How is hiding basic scientific facts which affect an IVF child’s growth adversely in the “best interest of the child” or is the “best interest” of infertile adult being cared for at the cost of innocent, voiceless IVF children?

Generally, is it better to empower children with the truth or lie and break the laws?

Infertility is very traumatic, it is even more traumatic in a marriage with fraud, why punish innocent IVF siblings for the infertility? IVF is to help with infertility and not destroy innocent child’s rights.

Infertility is very traumatic, it is even more traumatic as an immigrant with secrecy and lies. Haven’t the secrecy and lies created enough victims that we need to continue victimizing innocent, voiceless IVF children and siblings?