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Double Standards

There are double standards in life but when it affects innocent children, it is important to speak up. in betweenHaving double standards leaves you “in-between”, ironically, where a dysfunctional intersex family is left – neither here nor there.

1) If a mother who has raised her children is found to be an illegal immigrant, she is deported as per the laws.

But if an infertile person who is a genetic male has committed immigration fraud, there is no action against them?

2) If a genetic male attempts to breastfeed an IVF infant with no milk while the infant is hungry and cries incessantly, it is NOT child abuse and a crime?

But a biological mother who is a female and is breastfeeding her infant is faced with leaving the child in US while she is being deported?

3) Sean Goldman, a US citizen, was brought back to the US from Brazil with support at the highest level and as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, “a child belongs with his [biological] family”. Was the family in Brazil not taking care of his food, shelter, clothes, toys, and academics? Or it’s not enough?

Vedant Maulik Modi, an Indian citizen, an IVF child illegally in the US, is NOT allowed to go to India to be with his biological family and siblings. Why? As per US Immigration laws, Vedant cannot become a US citizen without a “biological link”. Then why keep Vedant away from his own country? What about his child rights and human rights?

4) If a father signs consent forms with his wife to have a child through IVF using donor sperm, a court of law can still take away his “fatherhood” and more importantly alienate an innocent child from a loving parent.

But if a woman signs a joint consent form with her spouse to use donor eggs and surrogate, the resulting IVF child is taken away from the loving father and his siblings he wanted and we call it justice? There are lot terms we can use to define these facts but “best interest of the child” does not come to mind.

5) A US resident, an infertile, intersex person or legal term is Eunuch in India can abandon an innocent IVF girl child in India after placing an order at the IVF drive-thru with no legal repurcusions AND acountability or responsibility for the child.

But there are multiple cases just about every day where criminal charges are filed against people for abandoning innocent children in the US. Are IVF children LESS of a child than a natural born child?

6) Same-sex marriage is on the agenda and hopefully equal rights are on the way and hopefully includes bi-national immigration reform too.

But equal rights for IVF children who may be children of same-sex couples is not on the agenda. When will equal rights for the most vulnerable of the vulnerable come into play?

7) Regardless of hypocrisy or hooliganism or criminalism outside the home, when it comes to children we seek to teach them values, truth, good Vs evil, compassion, love, and so on.

How can a person who has relentlessly lied, cheated, frauded outside the home AND inside the home can honestly be a role model for the innocent child? The foundation has to be strong. Whether being SELFISH is wrong is subjective except when it involves BREAKING THE LAWS.

8) Is breaking the laws, being a criminal the only way for other intersex people to have children? Is this the blueprint others should follow to claim love for a child?

We think it is better to DEMAND for equal rights for intersex for all so that innocent people are not victimized and abused. It is a blueprint that all can follow LEGALLY. Tony Briffa is leading and showing the way.

9) It would be a crime for a medical professional to lie on a medical record and maybe even insurance fraud. For example, a orthopedic surgeon cannot claim to have worked on the hand of the patient when actually it was the leg. Or a cardiologist has to document the correct valve they worked on in the heart and cannot document it is something they worked on the kidney.

Yet, if a triple MD doctor (meaning a highly educated professional) can document the “removal of male testes” from an intersex person as “removal of ovaries” knowing fully well as a triple MD that the patient never had any ovaries and is a genetic male. Are they teaching the intersex patient to lie and manipulate the system with NO legal repurcusions? More importantly, does the triple MD doctor UNDERSTAND the full implications of this act on innocent spouse and innocent child? When health professionals make false medical claims, it has reverberating effects on innocents including not getting justice they deserve.

The WORST part is the sex reassignment surgery is NOT even required and is asked to be AVOIDED. What is the scientific basis for removal of male testes and what is the LEGAL and ETHICAL basis for lying about it with no repurcusions? Did this unnecessary surgery ruin a family?

Is this the US we want? US is a world leader and strives to uphold human rights and child rights above all. We expect nothing less than strong leadership as it chooses to tackle the issue of IVF children and intersex families – two minorities in their own right. We want TRUTH and FACTS so that LAWS can come for ALL.