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Minority Report

This is a unique minority report, however we do not have the “precogs” available like in the movie, Minority Report. In a few years, looking back, the minority reportright thing will have been to unite the innocent IVF brother and sister instead of splitting them. Of course, it will be nice to also have equal rights for IVF children and families in the future so that these inhumane situations are not created. Sadly, infertility and IVF are dealt with lot of secrecy and stigma which means not too many people speak up and suffer in silence. Due to lack of laws and lengthy legal battles, they may even abandon the IVF child unwantingly. What are the rights of the IVF child – whether forcefully abandoned or not? As a human race, why are we “manufacturing” human babies without adequate laws protecting the rights of IVF children and families? Can we do better?

If two IVF siblings are born the same way from a legal perspective, then should both have them have the same legal status? Is it fair to show compassion to one and not the other?

It is a fact that laws have been broken and IVF children have been created who are in legal limbo and land-locked and our only solution as humans is inaction? Should the innocent, voiceless IVF brother and sister be united?

If child trafficking is a crime against humanity, is creating IVF children and placing them in legal limbo thereby denying their rights a crime?

If human trafficking is a crime whereby their basic human rights are violated, is creating IVF children and making them stateless and land-locked a crime?

There are several Nazi guards and soldiers sheltering in the US who may have never committed any crime on US land. However, because of the crime against humanity, they are still prosecuted and deported and brought to justice. Is creating stateless IVF children deliberately a crime against humanity? Do IVF children have rights and do they deserve equal rights as humans?

Nazis created situations where a parent had to pick between innocent children on who to send to the gas chamber. Is creating situation and manipulating the anti-gay, anti-IVF laws to place an IVF parent in a situation to pick between two IVF children on two separate continents?

Minority within Minority

The other minority is intersex people and families. Is the secrecy and stigma only felt by the intersex person or also by the spouse of intersex and children? Are the effects of intersex surgery only felt by the intersex person or also the spouse and children when the intersex surgery is performed during a marriage? Is infertility and lack of laws for intersex families only felt by the intersex person or also by the spouse of intersex and children?

First, we have to get past the “shame and secrecy”. If gays are proud and open, they achieve equal rights. Why can’t intersex families also hope for the same? So are intersex male or female or “third gender”? If intersex are female then why are governments passing laws to have a legal “third gender”? If intersex are female then why are they removing male testes and lying and creating fraud documents about the surgery? If this surgery is “torture” and traumatic for the intersex patient, what are the effects on the spouse of intersex and children of intersex when the surgery is performed during a marriage? Is gay family rights same as intersex family rights?

If an intersex person has a “right to feel female”, does a spouse of intersex have an equal “right to feel” also? Does the spouse of intersex have the “right to feel” what governments and honest intersex people around the world are feeling, the need for “third gender”? This is a specialized “spouse of intersex” who has witnessed the transition of an intersex person in every way possible when they had the intersex surgery during the marriage – an event that does not occur for most intersex marriages. The spouse is as much of a victim and in severe trauma of a different kind as much as the intersex person. Only by recognizing the facts can we move to a solution. We are genuinely missing the “precogs” to offer insight into the future. The spouse and children in an intersex marriage are the minority within a minority and have equal rights too or not?

The issue is not intersex, infertility (IVF) or immigration, these are just the mechanisms used to expose the lack of laws. The issue is secrecy, lying and relentless breaking of the laws with no respect for basic human dignity and respect including innocent children. The silence is offensive and hurting innocent, voiceless IVF children.

War Crimes and Its Effects on IVF Children

There are different wars throughout human history and innocent people – adults, grandparents, women, Refugees-running-awaychildren, men who are displaced due to no fault of theirs. When parents are fleeing a country rampaged with war to save their lives and the lives of their children, what if their infant does not have a passport? Do they wait to apply for a passport to the government who is involved in a war or save their lives as they see best fit and flee the country without a passport for the child? In recent past, we have witnessed refugees in Syria, Afghanistan, Lybia, Iraq, Kosovo, Rwanda, East Timor, and so many other wars between us humans. In not too a distant past, people were fleeing with their families and children from dictator regimes, Nazi regime, and so on. Since the “official” status of such people are “refugees”, they are given asylum on humanitarian grounds including a VALID passport. What is the status of an IVF child who cannot get a PASSPORT? Are they a war time VICTIM?

Crimes Against Humanity – Effects on IVF children

If there are crimes against humanity, what do we call a situation where an “order” for an IVF child is placed in a foreign country and then the commissioning parent FAILS to show up when the IVF child is born to the surrogate in a foreign country? If its a commercial surrogate situation, what are the RIGHTS of the surrogate? Should she get paid and who will pay her? God forbid but what if the surrogate had died during child birth (some women do), who would be held accountable and responsible for it? Would it be the commissioning parent who is in a foreign country and free from prosecution of the local country? Fortunately, no one died and instead a lovely IVF child was born. Are they UNWANTED? There are situations where a mother dies during child birth, or a mother is unable to care for a child right after child birth due to her own personal medical condition, how do we DEFINE abandoning an IVF child? An IVF pregnancy is very much planned, deliberate and WANTED. Then what possible reasons could there be to ABANDON an IVF child? And what RIGHTS does the IVF child have? Do they have a RIGHT to a LEGAL identity like a PASSPORT?

In a recent case, an American woman who had opted for IVF/surrogacy in India was blessed with an IVF child. When she showed up to take delivery of the IVF child and due to some legal issues, she was UNABLE to secure an exit visa at first for the IVF child. As a result, she could not take the IVF child with her back to the US. After knocking on several doors, she was left with the gruesome choice of having to leave the IVF child behind in India. Her cries of plea and help fell on deaf ears and in a miraculous moment scripted in some movie, she got a call at the airport when she was getting ready to leave India without the child. She was informed that the necessary paperwork will be done so that she can take the IVF child WITH her. The CHILD had been given a LEGAL identity. She at least CAME to India when the IVF child was born and was able to do something for the innocent child.

Unique Situations Call For UNIQUE Solutions

If Assistive Reproductive Technology (ART) is war against infertility or dysfertility, then are some IVF Standing Up For Childrenchildren sometimes its INNOCENT VICTIMS? If there are international laws for child adoption and child abduction, why are there NO international laws for IVF/Surrogacy children? Are IVF children LESS of a child? There are several different IVF scenarios where legal parentage can be assigned, why has each situation NOT been analyzed and appropriate laws been passed? Laws provide consistency, predictability, and above all RELIEF for VICTIMS. This state of lawlessness in international IVF/surrogacy situations causes the innocent, voiceless IVF children to be in LEGAL LIMBO. If a cat or dog is abandoned illegally, its a CRIME, its a CRIME against the welfare of the animal, if a natural born child is abandoned illegally, its a CRIME, but if an IVF child is abandoned, there is NO CRIME? To be very clear, the CRIMES are multiple in nature – first the abandoned IVF child, second who makes the payment to the commercial surrogate for delivering an IVF child, and other VICTIMS for later discussion. If a commissioning parent decides to abandon an IVF pregnancy, is that the surrogate’s or IVF child’s fault? What are their RIGHTS? Creating stateless children is not uncommon. As a point of reference, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, ethnic genocide in Rwanda, Kosovo, and so on created millions of stateless children. Did those children get rights?

Cats and dogs have better “human rights” than some IVF children. Is there something wrong with this situation? I am not equating my IVF children or anyone else’s to cats and dogs but stating the UNIQUE situations that some IVF children are inadvertently placed in. As an IVF parent it breaks my heart to say this but the truth needs to be said so that the powers to be can bring CHANGE and pass laws or provide LEGAL recourse and RELIEF to VICTIMS. We need NEW laws to reflect these NEW realities.