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Truth – Best Interest of the Child?

Through the ages, there have been several famous words said relating to truth.IVFChildren

“Truth shall set you free” to “Truth always prevails” and so on. Never before in history, transparency and truth have been challenged they way they are now because of the advent of internet. Previously what may take decades or a lifetime or even centuries to NEVER, facts and truth could be hidden or manipulated and delayed. What one person knows as facts in one corner of earth had a precipitous mountain to climb – an uphill battle to share the facts, the knowledge with everyone. Now with internet, there is a medium to share the facts easily with everyone. Surely, with an information explosion, maybe no one reads or no one cares if they read but the facts are out there. So for how long can one HIDE the facts?

Truth – Allows for HELP and SUPPORT

People with children who may have autism or cystic fibrosis or Down’s syndrome or Asperger’s syndrome and so on have special needs. Most parents who have such children are a “minority” even if combined when compared to ALL parents with children. Through activism, sharing of FACTS and TRUTH, today we are at a stage when we allow “normalcy”. These “minority” parents were allowed to OPENLY shares, discuss their innocent children’s needs, their needs and today we have help and support groups. We even have laws now where we no longer use the word “retard” even though it existed in the medical literature previously. This is reflective of activism by PARENTS and being allowed to share with the population as a whole. Through education, spreading awareness, sharing of truth and facts, the parents were able to secure EQUAL rights for their children and more importantly make us a better community as a whole. The best part is the innocent, voiceless CHILDREN have EQUAL RIGHTS. There are still remnants of the past where people who have not been touched by the TRUTH and FACTS continue to behave in ignorance.

So is TRUTH better or LIES and CENSORSHIP? Are EQUAL RIGHTS for all better or OPPRESSION, HUMILIATION of others for benefit of ONE?

UnAmerican – LIES and HIDING the TRUTH

If parents of innocent, voiceless children with Asperger’s syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis, or autism or Tay-Sachs Syndrome or intersex are ALLOWED to speak up, share the truth and facts, then should IVF parents of IVF children have same rights? Or should they be FORCED to LIE and LIVE in SECRECY?

It is one thing to have classified documents where matters of national security are concerned. But to CENSOR talking about IVF children and their current plight of UNEQUAL rights is UnAmerican. America believes in the values of liberty and justice for all. It would be UnAmerican to force an IVF parent to LIE, CENSOR so that his IVF children are DENIED justice and liberty. The innocent, voiceless IVF children are far too young to understand the FACTS and give reasonable feedback on that. It seems like the fertile IVF parent is a slave to the infertile parent. Why not legally ADOPT? Why not follow the LAWS? Why NOT petition to the government to have EQUAL laws for infertile parents? Lying, cheating, fraud, crimes to acquire an innocent, voiceless child illegally is NOT in the best interest of the child. Teaching values of truth, compassion for fellow human beings are far GREATER values to teach innocent, voiceless children.

I have a dream that someday IVF children and families will have EQUAL rights and NOT be a slave or hostage to infertility. Infertility is very traumatic, why continue the burden onto innocent, voiceless IVF children after they are born due to unequal laws? I have a dream that someday I will be able to say to my IVF children the TRUTH about their birth without any stigma or REQUIRING a court order to say the TRUTH. I have a dream that someday I will be allowed to CELEBRATE IVF with my IVF children instead of SUPPRESSING the FACTS and LYING and CENSORSHIP. I have a dream that someday the ONLY thing that matters is TRUTH.

It is far easier to say the TRUTH than to wield a THOUSAND LIES to hide one LIE.

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