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Should Genetic Males Be Allowed to Breastfeed?

Should there be laws and regulations to protect the best interest of the infant?

Should genetic males be allowed Male Breastfeedingto breastfeed? Even if that is allowed and in fact if there is milk, thats good for the child. What if there is no milk? Since breastfeeding most commonly occurs in private, should the child be protected from the parent who may be starving an infant in the zeal to breastfeed with no milk? Should there be any legal oversight in the best interest of the innocent, voiceless infant?

No one is against breastfeeding. The question is should an infant be allowed to be fed when there is MILK? The question is NOT whether a mother, father, gay parent, lesbian parent, intersex parent, adoptive parent, etc. should be allowed to feed, the question is should an infant be starved when there is NO MILK from the breasts?

Do mothers who just gave birth to a child ask their husband or father of the child to breastfeed?

Do gay parents try to breastfeed their child or give the child formula milk?

Should single male parents be allowed to breastfeed?

Should IVF children who may be born without a physical mother being around after birth be allowed to be breastfed by genetic males?

As the recent medical report on Adam Lanza, the teenage shooter in the Sandy Hooks Elementary school shooting, shows, a policy of “appeasement” is not helping and worse has disastrous consequences on innocent victims. Have we taken any cross-functional learning lessons?