Natural or Human-Made Trauma?

There are varying degrees of trauma that people face day-in and day-out. The same event also affects each traumaperson differently. What is more traumatic? When trauma occurs for things outside your control or when trauma occurs due to someone else?

For example, being born intersex is not in a person’s control but is lying about it in their control? And what happens when you lie? Lets say you get into an illegal marriage by lying to an unsuspecting, innocent person and then you lie to the government to get immigration as a spouse, then you lie to have a biological child even though medically you are infertile, then you lie and separate the child from his biological family, then you lie and abandon an innocent child, a sister of the child you claim to love so much, then you lie, lie, lie. Do you ever stop and think as to how many other people are HURTING from the lies? how many LAWS have been broken? Are these crimes? And the LIES are great because not only you DUPED an innocent, unsuspecting spouse and got a chance to enslave them but you also FOOLED and BROKE LAWS of TWO GOVERNMENTS with NO RESPECT for RULE of LAW. Does that mean other intersex people can legally marry, does that mean other intersex people can immigrate legally through their spouse, does that mean other intersex people can have a child? What have the LIES and BREAKING the LAWS got you?

There are two types of trauma – natural and human-made. Which is worse? The trauma from natural causes is not a crime but causing human-made trauma to others including breaking laws, violating rights of others including innocent, voiceless children is multiple counts of crimes or is it?

Being Born Eunuch or Hijra or IntersexYesNo
Infertility Due to being born Eunuch or Hijra or IntersexYesNo
Family CaregiverNoYes
Saying a Thousand Lies to Hide One LieNoYes
Intersex Surgery and Ensuing Treatment and TraumaNoYes
Laws for Immigration of Eunuch or Hijra or Intersex spouseNoYes
Lies Causing to Break Laws and Abuse of ChildrenNoYes
Lies Causing STATELESS IVF ChildrenNoYes

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