Justified Discrimination of IVF Children

For ALL those who say that no crimes have been committed against an abandoned innocent IVF child, we invite you to have the courage and strength toDiscrimination-IVF-Open your eyes look a 4 year old IVF child in her big brown eyes and say the same thing. Your mind, your heart, your humanity will render you speechless and force you to do the RIGHT THING which is to stop this discrimination of IVF. Every human life is sacred including an innocent IVF child who is used as a “tool” to secure their sibling by splitting them. Having anti-IVF laws is one thing but to use them against innocent, voiceless IVF children takes it to whole different level. Even if no IVF laws were broken (since they do not exist), were human rights violated, were innocent children abused, was there endangerment of the welfare of innocent IVF children deliberately, was there malicious and deliberate intent to split innocent IVF brother and sister, was there fraud, was there perjury, was there lying, was there breaking of laws, is it a crime against the humanity of the innocent IVF children? The right answer is to never have this happen again to any innocent IVF child. People who are pedophiles or murderers or criminals may also be parents and may also be good parents but they still are criminals. IVFphiles are people who place an “order” for an IVF child and then later abandon them once born with no responsibility or accountability towards the child – is that a crime against the humanity of the innocent, voiceless IVF child? What is the justice for innocent IVF children to move forward – stay in legal limbo and grow up separated for no fault of theirs or be united and grow up together as intended? The biggest jurors are the innocent IVF children and everyone else is either a messenger or an agent of change because the biggest punishment is on the innocent IVF siblings for crimes they did not commit – look in their eyes and then decide.

Even after 60 years, sibling bonds stay strong like the unions between North and South Koreans showing that NO government can split siblings.

Regardless of time, abandoning IVF children is a crime against their humanity today and will remain so forever. Splitting innocent IVF siblings will never be the right solution, apologies like for the “baby scoop era” may follow decades later only to prove the decision to split the innocent IVF siblings for crimes they did not commit was wrong. Copernicus and Galileo had a tough time convincing people of the scientific facts over 500 years ago and they were even persecuted at first but over the years and decades their truth prevailed. The 99.99% people who opposed them all came to accept the universal truth. Its been over 1600 days since the IVF siblings have wrongfully been split and even after 16000 days, it will still be wrong.

The current situation of lack of laws for IVF children and families is like placing a staircase in front of a wheelchair bound person. We need a ramp which is to provide equal rights to IVF children and families.

In a recent US Department of State announcement, gestational mothers who carried their IVF children to term who were conceived through donor eggs and sperm will be considered “at par” with birth mothers for immigration. More importantly, their IVF children will be given equal rights. When will there be equal rights for immigrant IVF fathers and his IVF children? 

Allowing a person to live freely and truthfully is the single-biggest human right regardless of the era and discrimination in different forms has always been around only to be defeated.

  • In the 1800s, if you were black in the US and did not want to be a slave OR
  • if you did not want to become a Sati in India OR
  • in 1900s during the women suffrage movement, women wanted equal pay for equal work (a struggle ongoing even after a hundred years) OR
  • the various colonies wanting freedom from their imperialists OR
  • the Jews wanting freedom from the atrocities of Holocaust OR
  • the civil rights movement in the US simply wanting equal treatment based on who they are and not based on color of the skin OR
  • the single mothers whose biological children were forcefully taken away from them during the baby scoop era only because “singlehood” was not socially acceptable OR
  • the apartheid movement in South Africa OR
  • the gay rights movement in 2000s.

There has ALWAYS been DISCRIMINATION of sorts and as a humanity we solve one thing at a time often too slowly for some innocent victims with no relief or justice.

While we are struggling as human beings to move forward towards equality for all, cannibalizing others human rights especially innocent children is NO way to achieve one’s own human rights. If it is a crime to discriminate based on race, familial status, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability, then why is it NOT a crime to discriminate based on birth type – natural born Vs. IVF born?

The first step to ANY discrimination is acceptance. However as human psychology unfolds, it sometimes takes years, decades, centuries before enough humans ACCEPT the discrimination. Till then there is DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL and various logical and legal arguments presented to justify the discrimination. In the end truth prevails! Its 2014, and what is the state of the union for IVF discrimination?

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