IVF Terrorism

This is a very sensitive subject but it is real for our family. First the subject of IVF is shrouded in secrecy and lies. Then apparently the pangs of wanting a child and ivf-terrorisminfertility only occurs to women. So should gay or single males be allowed to have children since as per this logic, males are incapable of being an equally loving parent? More importantly, how is this discrimination against a male parent affecting their innocent, voiceless IVF children and their rights?

Even in wars including terrorism, where innocent civilians are impacted but there is an unwritten rule to spare children. But when it comes to IVF terrorism even the innocent IVF children are not spared and rather used as a tool like a coward terrorist uses them in civilian areas to hide. As a civilized society, when will we take a stand against such heinous and willful crimes against our innocent children? Do IVF children deserve equal rights? Do IVF children deserve equal justice? Or are innocent IVF children just a “commodity” or “asset” with no human rights and available for horse-trading?

Hi, my name is Maulik Modi and am a very proud IVF father whose innocent children have been punished and caused willful harm and I intend to get them justice they deserve. Its 2014 and perhaps its too early for an IVF father to ask for equal rights for him and his children but he is not wrong. With or without him, in his lifetime or after, the changes seeked and the justice demanded will occur, I guarantee it. In the meantime, we have to cross several hurdles, fraud, lies, false allegations, character assassinations, false criminal charges, manipulation of the system because  laws fall short, reversing stereotypes, etc. Its worth it because these thousand lies are terrorizing innocent IVF children and family and certainly cannot be deemed best interest of the child. Fraud documentation disrespects the compassionate contribution of others like donors and surrogates. Not to mention that fraud documentation does NOT help the innocent IVF child.

Willful abandonment of child is a crime today and will always remain a crime. Is it a crime of moral turpitude? Why does an abandoned IVF child not deserve justice? Is their only crime to be born IVF?

US federal judge Castel summarized it best, “This was not a crime of greed, this was not a crime of vengeance, but it was an act of selfishness, a crime of selfishness”. Where is the justice for victims of IVF terrorism?

While IVF terrorism may be new and lacking laws and legal prosecution, people who are IVF terrorists are repeat offenders of crime like domestic violence and abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, etc. There are laws for these other offences but it is up to the respective prosecutions to take action against the perpetrators and end an cycle of crimes.

Should people who help IVF terrorists also be held equally accountable? Just because there is a vacuum in laws for IVF/surrogacy, does that give someone the right to willfully abandon a child with no consequences? What is the “humane” thing to do? Terrorists are inhumane and do not understand the needs of humanity – the idea of having due process, truth, justice. Terrorists see things only one way – their way or the highway, rather beheaded way. Is splitting innocent IVF siblings die to no crimes of their own beheading a childhood together they deserved? Is it the price to pay so that an infertile immigrant who cannot legally have IVF children but lets bhead innocent childhoods as they are voiceless instead of changing laws? If equal rights existed, then infertile immigrants would not feel threatened and would not unleash IVF terrorism just to have a child at any and all costs including sacrificing innocent childhoods of brother and sister.

It is one thing to have lack of laws and recognition by governments to do “something”, but what is it when people take advantage of this vacuum in lack of laws for personal benefit AND terrorize innocent IVF children and families? Do laws of natural justice take over? Do laws of human rights and child rights take over? Isn’t valuing every human life sacred – natural born or IVF, legally born or illegally, once a human life exists, doesn’t deserve basic human dignity and respect in a civilized world?  Or do we continue to live in an IVF terrorized world?

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