A bond between siblings is like blood


We have learned the hard way that it costs a lot of money to say the truth. The legal expenses are difficult  for us to support from India while fighting a highly contested case in the US. Given the unprecedentedness, we expect a lot of special interest groups diverging the agenda which will translate into higher legal costs for us. We also think they will spread our resources thin and make us mentally weak so that we give up the case. We will not give up.

Your total amount is : 100.00 (Currency: USD)

We Are Family - Unite Siblings

If you are able, we ask for your support to unite the biological siblings. There are several other organizations who do this for peace of mind. Your financial donation will be used to unite the biological siblings forever.

Recently a father was united with his son after 5 years. Today the biological father and son are doing wonderful and we wish them the best. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, also supported their case.

If you wish, you can support us by saying a prayer in our kids names and pray they are united sooner before their childhood expires.

Deleting a Girl Child and Exploiting Children are crimes unless you are rich and powerful

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