Corollaries Between IVF and Travesty of Justice

There are several current events which bring attention to the travesty of justice and the plight of innocent IVF children who were born ahead of their times. Do we as humanity ivf-travesty-of-justiceincluding the compassionate egg donors, the surrogates, the IVF clinic who all had their compassionate hands in bringing these innocent children into the world simply stand on the side as atrocious crimes are occurring against the innocent IVF children or do we raise our voice and say the truth? Here are some corollaries to the plight of innocent, voiceless IVF children and the travesty of justice. The American Way is to maintain transparency, find a corrective action for the benefit of others and move forward. Shoving the issues of intersex, immigrant, IVF family under the carpet is not a solution.

Travesty of Justice – Need to Move Forward with Truth

1) Its not 1958, its 2014
If men were having babies, we’d have different policies.” – said US President Obama on March 20, 2014
If gay men or single men or intersex men who have babies through IVF with help from compassionate egg donors and surrogates, do they have equal rights as parents? More importantly do their IVF children have equal rights? US President Obama is a LGBTI rights supporter but still does not grasp the fact that US laws are archaic when it comes to lifestyles of LGBTI families. In 2014 and before, men are already having babies through IVF  and are the primary caregivers for their IVF babies, where are the EQUAL rights if not for the parents sake then at least for the sake of innocent, voiceless IVF children, Or do we have to wait till 2058? It is not that Obama would NOT support equal rights for IVF children and families, it is more so that most people are oblivious to the state of affairs relating to IVF and the implicit injustice.
2) Russia, Crimea and the West
‪Russia‬ prevented adoption of a resolution today. But it cannot change the aspirations and destiny of the Ukrainian people. And it cannot deny the truth displayed today that there is overwhelming international opposition to its dangerous actions.” — Ambassador Samantha Power after a ‪UN‬ Security Council Vote on a Resolution on ‪‎Ukraine‬, March 15, 2014
Replace “Russia” with “US Justice System” and “Ukraine” with “IVF Children” and you will get the gist of our case. As an intersex, immigrant, IVF family, we may be ahead of our times but are not wrong. The status quo states only way for an IVF parent to enjoy custody of his IVF son is by abandoning his IVF daughter, the sister that his son wanted and implicitly SPLITTING innocent siblings. It will take time to sink in and when it does, everyone will realize that saving an abandoned child and uniting the innocent children is the only right answer. It is a fact that US laws have separated the innocent siblings, although inadvertently, because the perpetrators and her co-conspirators manipulated the US justice system. Now that the truth is known, now that IVF brother wants to be with his IVF sister, is the US Justice system listening to the victims or is in denial about having been manipulated? It is time to move forward and the simplest answer is in uniting the innocent siblings. Punishing innocent for crimes they did not commit is not justice. Especially punishing innocent, voiceless victims who are children who have been exploited is not the right answer.
3) Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
“The international aviation legal system does not anticipate the complete disappearance of an aircraft,” said Brian Havel, a law professor and director of the International Aviation Law Institute at DePaul University in Chicago. “We just don’t have the tools for that at present.” – March 19, 2014
Similarly, the international legal system does not anticipate dealing with an intersex, immigrant, IVF family in the 2000s. There simply are NO tools for this scenario. So SPLITTING the innocent IVF siblings is the best answer we can offer. By the time the “powers-to-be” figure it all out, the innocent childhoods will have been expired and they will have grown up into adults. All we will have left is a “SORRY” like saying sorry to an exonerated man who has been convicted for a crime he NEVER committed. The irony of course is that while exonerated convicts are mostly freed and proven right based on DNA evidence, the same DNA evidence is NOT utilized in the best interest of innocent children. Instead the GENDER of the male IVF father is used against the innocent children. Abuse a male all you want but can you please leave his innocent children alone? And what about gay fathers, single fathers, intersex fathers, fathers in a straight relationship but have an infertile spouse, what about the IVF children of such fathers, should they also be similarly persecuted or spared? The only right answer to this complex situation is uniting the innocent, voiceless IVF siblings.
4) Change in treatment of IVF mothers and IVF immigration laws.
In January 2014, US Secretary of State John Kerry released a directive which would allow IVF mothers who only carried their IVF children to term “at par” for immigration purposes. Current US laws require a “genetic link” between US parent and a child born outside the US. As a result, if an IVF mother had used donor eggs but carried the IVF children to term and physically gave birth to the IVF children outside the US, the innocent IVF children would NOT be considered US citizens because the IVF mother had “NO Genetic Link”.
We applaud this move and it is a step in the right direction, especially from the perspective of the innocent IVF children. When will IVF children of IVF fathers get similar EQUAL laws? If an immigrant IVF father has an IVF child outside the US then the IVF child must be born to a “US Citizen mother” OR “US green card mother”. If the IVF father used donor eggs and surrogate in a foreign country then without a “US mother” he cannot get his IVF child to the US even though he has a “genetic link”. Or should IVF be banned for gay fathers, single fathers, intersex fathers, fathers in a straight relationship but where the woman is infertile?
Why is there discrimination onto the innocent IVF children based on a parent’s biology and gender? When will justice arrive and when will the laws catch up with technology?

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