Coming Out – Strength and Courage

Recently, in the Ms. USA pageant for 2013, Ms. Michigan participated as a MRKH woman. She is a source of MRKH IVF Childreninspiration not because she is MRKH but because of her strength and courage to accept the truth and be honest. She became an inspiration overnight to ALL who need strength and courage in their lives to speak the truth including us.


MRKH is a condition where women are infertile but can have children through help of medical technology like IVF. There is a connection between MRKH and IVF. People with MRKH may opt for IVF to have children. And should IVF children and families and have EQUAL rights? Secrecy and stigma have traditionally been used to deal with both conditions and times are changing. We are in a transition period. So let us get rid of secrecy and stigma with truth. A lot of strength and courage will be required as we move through this transition period. Not everyone may be as accepting or as willing to make a change. But we must persevere because there are a lot of other people living in SILENCE and SECRECY. Our strength and courage to say the TRUTH will help all of us and serve as inspiration to others.

For now, Ms. Schultz as Ms Michigan 2013 has shown the way with a light so powerful that it reached halfway across the world. We wish her all the best and continue to inspire others.

As an IVF parent of a STATELESS IVF child, she has provided inspiration for both me and my IVF daughter. Ms. Schultz is the kind of role model I want for my daughter. My daughter does not have MRKH as far as we know but she will need the same strength and courage to speak and stand up for the truth. For me as a parent unless I gather the strength and courage to speak the TRUTH, how will I get a “LEGAL STATUS” for my IVF daughter?  And how will we get her the legal rights she deserves as a human being?

Regardless of the situation, rendering innocent children STATELESS is a gross violation of human rights and courage-truthother laws. The current lack of laws for IVF children and families creates this STATELESS situations. Being “STATELESS” is an issue of legal paperwork between countries, meaning the situation is “CREATED BY HUMANS”. While other medical conditions are natural meaning they are outside a HUMAN’s CONTROL. Then why can’t HUMANS figure out a way to give “LEGAL STATUS” to STATELESS IVF children?

We have been so victimized due to secrecy and lies that we are NOT even asking for EQUAL rights but just some rights as a human being. Is that allowed? We are finding courage and strength to speak the truth.

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  1. I have MRKH Syndrome and two Ladies that have MRKH have been remarkable to all of us Ladies Ms. Schultz as Ms. Michigan 2013 and Christina MRKH, They are both remarkable women that have been there for me though MRKH. I’m hoping we can help all women that are going though MRKH. It is very difficult to go though MRKH alone. Like I had to for many years.
    God Bless. Kimberly

    1. Thanks Jaclyn! You have inspired millions who understand what it takes and am positive you will continue to inspire millions more. All the best!

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