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Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Becky Reitz – A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Becky Reitz – A Texan Girl Child DeleterTexas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris - A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Why does Becky Reitz,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney get to play God and delete a Texan girl child, find out more here. Some people go to Surrogacy ANY EXTREME to exploit innocent children and women from third world country for an infertile adult in USA to have a child.

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Becky Reitz – A Texan Girl Child Deleter

If you are the court appointed Amicus, I am a child born during a marriage, how come the Amicus did not represent me and if not, how was I afforded due process where decisions were made for me with no legal representation or consent? Find out more here about Becky Reitz,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney, a girl child deleter

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Becky Reitz- A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Becky Reitz,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney, a girl child deleter believes one can build a family by deleting a family member, a sister and a girl child, find out more here

If you have any information to the contrary and feel that they were also lied to by Niti Atre or kept in the dark which eventually led to deleting a girl child, please come forward with the truth as it can HELP save lives.

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris – A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris – A Texan Girl Child DeleterTexas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris - A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Why does Adam Morris,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney get to play God and delete a Texan girl child, find out more here.  Some people go to Surrogacy ANY EXTREME to exploit innocent children and women from third world country for an infertile adult in USA to have a child.

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris – A Texan Girl Child Deleter

How to Delete a Girl Child and Sister, Silencing Her, Mocking Her, Exploiting Her and then if anyone Speaks Up about it, penalizing them, find out more here about Adam Morris,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney, a girl child deleter

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris – A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Adam Morris,  Houston Texas Board certified Family Law Attorney, a girl child deleter believes one can build a family by deleting a family member, a sister and a girl child, find out more here


Immigrant Texas Intersex Adult Niti Atre Forced Girl Child, A Sister Into Slavery for 6+ Years in India by Knowingly Making Her Stateless

Immigrant Texas Intersex Adult Niti Atre Forced Girl Child, A Sister Into Slavery for 6+ Years in India by Knowingly Making Her Stateless

Texas Board Certified Houston Family Law Attorney Adam Morris - A Texan Girl Child Deleter

Some infertile adult in USA go to ANY extreme to have a child by exploiting innocent children and women from a third world country. Do they expect to GET AWAY forever from the long arms of a fair and just US judicial system? Niti Atre also played a VERY SMART game to have a child as an infertile adult – by exploiting and deleting the biological sister of the child she claims to love and separating him from his entire biological family. It’s one thing to love a child but it’s another thing to exploit innocent children and women from a third world country. Read more here on how to do it. Laws have NOT changed meaning any SMART, RICH, POWERFUL adult can repeat this formula to exploit innocent children and women to have a non-biological child!

Immigrant Texas Intersex Adult Niti Atre, A Girl Child Deleter Knowingly Making Her Stateless and NEVER came to help ensuring Slavery of a Texan Child in India

Niti Atre may be a very soft-spoken and approachable adult except when you want to have a child with her since Niti Atre is infertile and with her legal status cannot have a child. We all know what happens when Niti Atre is mad, she DELETES a girl child and NOT any girl child but the biological sister of the child Niti Atre claims to love. If Niti Atre is truly wanting to UNITE us the siblings and whtever happened to me is NOT HER INTENT, all Niti Atre, a girl child delete, had to do was SHOW UP in India once I was born like she promised to in writing. In normal world, we call it accountability and responsibility for NOT endangering welfare of a child or neglecting a child or not abandoning a child.  Read more here

Immigrant Texas Intersex Adult Niti Atre, A Girl Child Deleter Knowingly Making Her Stateless and NEVER came to help ensuring Slavery of a Texan Child in India

Niti Atre’s birth condition is not just a medical and social condition but also a legal condition just like mine. If I am being HELD to account as a little girl child for Niti Atre NOT SHOWING UP and hence her legal status due to her birth condition impacts my rights, it’s only fair we discuss both. In reality, both Niti Atre and I are fighting the SAME laws, so it is a LEGAL issue. Niti Atre, a girl child deleter, is born “XY genetic male” but socially considers herself as a female. This is the reason why she is infertile and this is the reason for IVF/Surrogacy and why I and my brother were born into this beautiful world – with our own “birth condition” which laws address differently than “social norms”. Socially, I am also a sister and a daughter as a child born during the same marriage but legally Niti Atre, a girl child deleter, had me deleted and I have NO legal identity. If anyone finds it offensive to call Niti Atre a “XY genetic male”, which technically is true but socially offensive, I also find it offensive if anyone calls me and my genetic brother “half-siblings” which technically is true but socially offensive. Read more here about Niti Atre and her exploits as a girl child deleter.

If you have any information to the contrary and feel that they were also lied to by Niti Atre or kept in the dark which eventually led to deleting a girl child, please come forward with the truth as it can HELP save lives.

Global Warming is to Polar Bears and Unregulated Global Surrogacy is to Stateless Outsourced Children

Believe it or not, there are lot of similarities between the effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears and the effects of Unregulated Global Outsourced childbirth (Surrogacy) on innocent Children (Humans). Some estimate that by 2060, the polar ice will have melted so much that some where along the way, the ecosystem of polar bears will cease to exist and polar bears will become extinct. Perhaps by 2060, the unregulated Global Surrogacy market for outsourced childbirth will have deteriorated so much that either all countries will ban surrogacy for foreigners OR it will be highly unaffordable for most and effectively no more Surrogacy children will be born, effectively creating no need for “regulation and rights” of Surrogacy children because we do NOT exist. Regardless of one’s beliefs and side, in 2060, maybe the Polar bears are extincted due to the predicted reasons or other reasons we do not understand as humankind but they are gone and everyone will have to deal with the reality of “Global Warming” in their own ways independent of the Polar bears. Regardless of one’s beliefs and side on “Global Surrogacy”, in 2060, maybe “Global Surrogacy” will have been banned everywhere for foreigners and domestically it will be unaffordable for most and effectively no more “Global Surrogacy” children will be born and therefore “NO rights” needed. But others will still have to continue to live in the real world like the children and now adults in 2060 born of “Global Surrogacy” still with “NO rights”. Its not the trajectory we take but the harsh realities individuals face and the truth has a way of coming out even after death as Galileo and Copernicus discovered that they were silenced and even put to death for restating simple facts but their “timing” was incorrect. Today of course, centuries after their death, their facts about the solar system are not only widely accepted but taught to every child – our future. The CHOICE is up to us, regardless of the trajectory we take, exploiting any child, regardless of their birth type, will always be wrong, no justifications can make it right because it’s about a “child”. exploit-delete-crime

French king Louis the XVI infamously said, “If they can’t afford bread, ask them to buy cake” (but don’t go hungry). Clearly, he was very far removed from REALITY. And its kind of like saying to a Surrogacy child of a LGBTI immigrant, if you can’t get a passport to travel to be with family, get on a plane instead. Clearly, the “powers-to-be” are far removed from the REALITY that plagues children like us. How do we get over the hump where we are allowed to LIVE and LET LIVE?

  1. Great divide between two factions of people whether it’s true or not while the innocent get victimized.
    1. A faction of people think Global Warming is real and eroding the environment of Polar Bears while other believes its “natural” and there is no global warming while its a fact innocent polar bears and their cubs are dying.
    2. Same is true of children of Surrogacy from an unregulated Global Surrogacy market. The effects of exploitation, childhood statelessness, lack of human dignity and respect, denial of due process, denial of rights are REAL.
  2. The effects on individual victims are a microchasm of the future
    1. Some Polar bears dying are causing concerns because if left unchecked, the effects will lead to more chaos in their environment, ultimately, leading to their extinction. Since we all share the same “home”, the melting snowcaps, the rising waters, the rising heat will have long-reaching effects on rest of the lives, like us HUMANS regardless of whether we agree or not.
    2. Some innocent IVF/Surrogacy children made stateless or left-behind or used as human shields to take their sibling away if left unchecked, the effects will lead to more chaos in their environment like “Surrogacy ban” specifically to foreigners, effectively making “Global Surrogacy children” a thing of the past (extinct). Since we all share the same “globe”, the stateless children, the exploited siblings will eventually meet and get to know the truth and will ask as children, why don’t the deserve EQUAL protection like other children?
  3. “At the time of birth” arguments are archaic and not helping to solve anything
    1. Average polar bear life expectancy is 15-18 years; “at the time of their birth”, humans had just begun to talk about global warming in mainstream while as a backdrop, the entire human genome (our DNA, knowing oneself) had not even been mapped yet implying there is a lot we don’t understand in this world including us. In 2016, does the dying “polar bear” worry more about the conditions “at the time of birth” OR more about getting their next meal today and not being stranded on a block of ice with cubs? And how does the “cub” feel about the “at the time of birth” scenario?
    2. For an IVF/Surrogacy child, legal arguments used whether to give them a birth certificate or not, a passport or not is depended on circumstances “at the time of birth” outside their control. Like the immigration status of the adults, the gender of the adults “at the time of their birth” as defined by laws, whether both adults are present or not? How does a child get a birth certificate, a passport, a legal identity when two adults are born as “genetic males”, what goes in the “name of mother” field? Its a legal nightmare and so the best answer is to NOT issue legal paperwork for a child and deny the rights of the child?
  4. Diacotomy of taking sides or individualism?
    1. If HUMANS take sides like claiming global warming is real or is fake and is  “natural” cycle of the globe, they are bound to offend the other side and perhaps the reality is in the middle like most other things. Moderation solves problems and the question is are we here to SOLVE or here to FIGHT? The polar bear parent stranded on an ice cube away from the cubs on a different ice cube has a very different viewpoint and could care less about these “BIG” issues when their life as a family is about to change FOREVER.
    2. If HUMANS take sides on whether Global Surrogacy, outsourced child birth is OK Vs. “unnatural” and is exploitative of women, each side is bound to offend the other side. For the already born IVF/Surrogacy child, it is about being able to MOVE FORWARD like a normal child like getting proper legal paperwork and using it to get basic rights like education, access to healthcare, an identity as a HUMAN and so on. The child made stateless, exploited, denied rights and due process could care less about the gender, immigration status, sexual orientation of the adults who brought them into this world and these “BIG” issues when their life as a HUMAN is about to change FOREVER.

No one is questioning the roles of mothers but if we are to be inclusive, what is the message to children of gays, single fathers, intersex family as to what roles to “parents” play in their lives? Is it offensive to the children to trivialize or disrespect their parents for the sacrifices they made? Don’t judge a book by the cover and don’t judge a deleted, exploited Surrogacy child without giving me my due process in the court of law, I am not afraid of the truth, are you? It is true that bigotry and hate cannot help an intersex, immigrant, infertile adult to have a child by breaking the laws – love and compassion helps like doing international IVF/Surrogacy to share a child. Bigotry and hate IS pre-meditatively and knowingly DIVIDE siblings by DELETING a girl child to use as bait, a human shield because the laws have not caught up yet in favor of an intersex, immigrant, infertile adult. Paradoxically, its the SAME laws that affect both the adult and the child – the difference is how we deal with it – truth or lies, love or hate, compassion or intolerance, inclusion or exclusion. You DECIDE. Just be mindful of making statements which stand the TEST of TIME unlike the statements on gay rights, civil rights, women suffrage, rape survivors, slavery, Salem witch-hunt and so on. A justification may stand today but will not stand forever because abusing, exploiting, deleting a child is NEVER ok. Its the change from WITHIN which is at stake and its the future of children like us.

Much like the icebergs that polar bears roam on have a great unseen depth under the water, the issues of Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants also have a great unseen and deep legal, ethical, moral issues. But once we are here, we are first a human being deserving of equality just like everyone else.

SurrogacyGate : Maybe the innocent children and siblings have their “own best interest”?

Everyone knows human cloning is banned but what if a desperate, rogue individual needing a heart transplant decides to clone themselves with the intent of ripping out the heart of the clone to save themselves. Does the clone have rights? Will a birth certificate be issued for the clone? Who will be listed as the “mother” and “father” on the birth certificate? Or will the birth certificate list two fathers OR two mothers OR a new format from the government bureaucracy will be requested to be produced within matter of weeks or months because a life is at stake? It’s NEVER happened before and the scenario breaks the laws, so how will we handle it? Will the clone be given a legal identity? Does the clone deserve justice? Or will the “powers to be” say that the clone is illegal and no laws were followed in creating the clone and thus the “clone” is out of jurisdiction and underserving of justice?

The analogy is apt for a Surrogacy child of LGBTI immigrants. Its illegal but we are here, now what? Judge us, exploit us or help us? I am a Texan child and I feel concerned that somehow it’s OK in our generation to DELETE a child. Texas with a population of 27.5 million people and an average birth rate of 400,000 children per year, there are 400, 000 reasons why any child can be DELETED like me and its vicious impact. Are you concerned as a Texan, as a human, as  parent? I thought it was wrong to MESS with children in Texas, still true? In Texas, girls have freedom to fight absurdity with absurdity like the CocksNotGlocks. Regardless of whether you agree or not, at least America allows such freedom of expression. The same freedom is NOT given to Texan Surrogacy children, why? I DREAM of the day when Surrogacy children can talk freely without being extorted blood money by adults. The 311th Harris county court judge was forced to resign at the same time when the same judge passed judicial orders which both denied my justice and created a path of blood money to be extorted from anyone speaking out for me.  Other orders of the judge were rescinded or reviewed but not mine because the fox is in the henhouse. The current fox in the hen house approach does not solve problems but rather creates new levels of exploitation in the civilized world. I have faith in the system just not as much faith in some of the rogue individuals in the system who seem to be more thirsty for money and their own personal reputation rather than thirsty for upholding the laws and values of the US Constitution like truth, liberty, and justice for ALL including Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants. US counts “fertility rate” as number of children born to women. Does that mean the children born to two genetic males or single fathers do NOT COUNT (which is the case here)? Clearly, the definitions need to be revised and be INCLUSIVE in 21st century but these archaic definitions have serious implications on Surrogacy children TODAY when smart adults exploit these gaps in the laws.

Get to know the facts, You Decide. Love or Hate? What do we want innocent children – the future to learn? More of the same – repressive, hypocrisy that exploits, privileged are ABOVE the laws, archaic laws of 20th century slow to change OR acceptance and compassion of ALL even if laws remain the same?

Maulik Modi’s World of Children and Siblings Niti Atre’s World of Children and Siblings

Can Niti Atre specifically name ONE Action she has taken to UNITE us innocent siblings? I can name thousands and even millions of missed opportunities by Niti Atre to DIVIDE us. If I as a Surrogacy child of a LGBTI immigrant was denied to come to the US as per the laws unless I LIE about my documents, shouldn’t the same laws be equally applicable on other Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants like my biological brother AND also on intersex immigrant like Niti Atre? Has she lied to US government? Why special privilege for her as an adult but none for innocent children like me? I respectfully followed the laws, why not her? On paper, we are ALL equal in the US constitution but reality is Niti Atre and her cronies are ABOVE the LAW and roam freely with complete impunity at the cost of exploiting innocent, poor children like me and taking my freedom away.

Here is the reality of innocent children and siblings caught up in the politics of Surrogacy and infertility. Let there be no doubt, access to a legal birth certificate and passport, legal documents for a legal identity are not “family issues” but political issues just like two genetic males trying to get a marriage certificate. Any denials, postponement, ignorance is a repeat of the same legal, social, emotional, mental abuse and trauma of two genetic male adults trying to get a marriage certificate. Just like millions of people who are NOT gay but still support equal marriage rights because some may not be accepting but are still understanding and at the very least are not participatory and judgmental by denying facts of archaic and inhumane laws in someone else’s lives. Throughout history, social change and its resultant change in laws takes 2-3-4 decades to come about but that does not mean one stops dreaming about the days when one can be equal. The challenge of our status quo as Surrogacy children and siblings is whether this separation and s speaking up about it will invite more and continued persecution and exploitation or help and understanding? We can dream that one day we will be united or is it wrong to dream? In this interim period (currently), the rich, powerful, privileged can use their power to either EXPLOIT us or HELP us, adults can choose to respect Surrogacy children and our issues OR disrespect us and delete us, YOU decide what you want. It is easy for the French King to say give them cake if they can’t afford bread akin to mocking a Surrogacy child by an adult in Texas claiming they don’t have a passport, why does a Surrogacy girl child in India need a passport to come meet their Surrogacy brother in USA? If you can’t accept Surrogacy children and our legal issues, that’s OK at least don’t exploit us! Live and let live.

All Niti Atre has to do is RESPECT Surrogacy children and unite innocent siblings.  Niti Atre placed an “ORDER” and gave consent for an IVF/Surrogacy child in India, also a sibling of the child she claims to love, so she should uphold her responsibility and accountability if not towards herself as an adult but at least towards Surrogacy children and siblings. Niti Atre cannot legally get a passport for my Surrogacy brother despite having a Texas court order because she holds fradulent documents and the Texas court blatantly allowed her lies which violates laws in other instances. Like the SAME LIES were not allowed for me by the US government or for other surrogacy children when issuing legal documents like birth certificate and passport. It is one thing for Niti Atre to want to lie, fraud and break laws, it is another for others wanting to support her lies, fraud and break the laws, why is that an issue for us innocent biological siblings to be DIVIDED and not get legal documents as per laws?

Anyone who wants to take a stand should do so from the perspective of “Surrogacy children” and our issues and NOT fall into the trap of using one child against another which is what Niti Atre has done. If you say something in favor of one Surrogacy child, you may end up offending or abusing or exploiting another Surrogacy child which is what Niti Atre is doing.  But if you collectively look at the “issues of Surrogacy children”, you will realize the lack of laws issues is one thing but exploiting the gaps in the laws against innocent, voiceless children is wrong at many levels starting with our humanity.

For example, a well-educated, smart, powerful, privileged individual may claim that families are based on “genetic link” and therefore the loving, compassionate American family who gave me refuge with “NO genetic link” is not my family. Given such specific definition of family by an officer of the court, a Board certified Family Law Attorney which cannot be disputed without persecution, pray do tell, how can Niti Atre, their client, who has admitted to being born infertile nd cannot provide a “genetic link” as per her own legal counsel’s definition in court of law ever have a child of the “family”? And from the perspective of the child, my biological brother, why should he be DENIED access to his “biological family”, like me and my family. This is what happens when you pitch one sibling against another – you offend and abuse one while falsely claiming to “help the other”. Surrogacy is ALL politics and our case clearly shows that. For us Surrogacy children and FAMILIES, most of us already know beforehand that only one of the parent will have a “genetic link” but still do it. We are OK with it, are others, especially the “thekedars” of laws? People who do not understand multi-culturalism or are intolerant towards Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants should not PRETEND to know our legal issues because you don’t. Whatever legal, social, moral, ethical, financial, mental, emotional issues two genetic males have to undergo to get a “marriage certificate” – still banned in most parts of the world, it’s the same legal, social, moral, ethical, financial, mental, emotional issues one has to undergo to get a “birth certificate” for a Surrogacy child of LGBTI immigrants. Its all that + 1 because it’s for a another person, an innocent voiceless child meaning others can prevent you from speaking up and even penalize you for it, also known as blood money. Will the women at home, mother, wife, daughter accept the blood money of another “girl child”?

If Niti Atre is teaching truth, respect and compassion to my brother then why am I not included, his own biological sister and “family”? Ariel Castro was a good parent but exploited others daughters and eventually the truth did come out. Niti Atre and her cronies continue to exploit me and walk freely with complete impunity, a freedom she stole from me and now is stealing from my brother.

Does torture have to be only physical? Or are there other forms of torture like mental, emotional, psychological? Is the same true for abuse as defined by laws?




Is Texas Being Forced into a Kangaroo Court for Surrogacy Children in the Wild West of Surrogacy?

21st Century – What is IVF/Surrogacy Terrorism?

If a bomb is left unexploded, does that mean the person who left-behind is NOT a terrorist?

If an IVF/Surrogacy child is left-behind in a foreign country making them stateless, does that mean the innocent child does NOT exist and have NO rights?

IVF/Surrogacy is about humanity and compassion; should children be treated as “business” even if born via IVF/Surrogacy or do all innocent children deserve to be treated equally? If you consent for a child, are you equally responsible and accountable for the child? There is forced labor, servitude, domestic abuse and violence, what do we call when one UVF/Surrogacy sibling is left-behind, made stateless and unable to leave India while their IVF/Surrogacy biological sibling is taken away and separated in the US. ISIS also creates stateless children, what do we call this act – IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? We pray and hope that the US shows respect and leadership in tackling this new problem of 21st century before its too late for some innocent children and siblings becuase we “#SparetheChild, right?

Dealing with Infertility

If someone is infertile, all they have to do is ask for compassion, there are lots of people who don’t mind helping and showing compassion to infertile people, our loving father did. Why does it have to mean exploiting innocent children and women, making them stateless, splitting biological siblings and family, they also are human beings and have their own rights as a minority within minority, right? Like the surviving families of MH370, we are left with NO answers of this rarity but the will NEVER give up because family IS family and children ARE children deserving of equality.

I never made a child custody claim for her, Medhavi”.  These are the words of Niti Atre who first consented to me having be born via IVF/Surrogacy to help with her infertility but later changed her mind and send these words via a legal system. This would be unethical, immoral and illegal in the US as Sherri Shepherd as learned. But as long as you do it in India, our lives are not “equally valuable”, right?

In case of separation, I will get custody of the child” These are the words of Purnima Atre who signed my Surrogacy contract and there was a DIVORCE initiated by her child (meaning she was privy to it) BUT the 60 year old grandmother and educated Indian woman NEVER came to take my custody but instead I did get the “NEVER made a child custody claim” in writing. Is not wanting girl child and female foeticide common in India even amongst the “educated urban”? Is this deadly dragnet between a grandmother in India and their infertile adult child in the US a terrorism sentence for me that made me STATELESS and denied my rights?

While she was luxuriously living FREELY in the US and zipping in the new BMW car she bought in less than a month after leaving me, me and my left-behind family were running pillar to post from the courtrooms to passport office to US Embassy in India to get me out of STATELESSNESS due to her actions and legal status. Is it fair or is it exploitation of innocent children and women? If there is any remorse, I haven’t seen anything yet other than lie after lie – how about setting an example as an adult with show of responsibility and accountability instead of bigotry, bullying and stealing candy from baby by stopping IVF/Surrogacy cruelty. While the grandmother pledged allegiance to help her biological child who happens to be infertile, what should we as a society teach innocent girls like me, I am also someone’s biological child and biological sister?

As a woman, perhaps someday I may understand the LOVE for a child BUT is the LOVE SO BLIND that you exploit someone else’s CHILD, an innocent girl child like me? Or is it that blood is thicker than water AND children like me are just “bait”? And regardless who helps out, man or woman, the way the laws are the only way an intersex, immigrant, infertile person can have a child is by LYING on birth record, so do you use those archaic laws and lies against an innocent child like me? Do I have rights as an individual to speak up and deal with the remnants of these lies gone bad? And there has been NO accountability or responsibility, not even a “Congratulations on my birth” forget the onesies and hugs and kisses, so any and all ethical, moral and legal boundaries have been violated to EXPLOIT an innocent girl child. What is the world doing about this IVF/Surrogacy Terrorism where I was left neither here, nor there and in legal limbo?

People do IVF/Surrogacy due to fertility issues. I was born via IVF/Surrogacy to help with infertility but there has been NO responsibility and accountability taken by the infertile adult and family other than abandonment, denials, lies, demonization, vilification, “self-preservation”, etc and so whatever moral, ethical, legal arguments they have against an innocent girl child are baseless because I was born into STATELESSNESS due to them while they live FREELY. As a humanity, is this how we propose to solve infertility?

First of all, IVF/Surrogacy is all about fellow HUMAN COMPASSION, the donor, the surrogate and the fertile spouse if applicable. Neither the donor, or the surrogate or the fertile spouse would agree to IVF/Surrogacy if the infertile person was going to LEAVE BEHIND the child and EXPLOIT them.  Second, no one engages in IVF/Surrogacy with intent of raising STATELESS children but rather to ENJOY them. But IVF/Surrogacy terrorism can destroy this happiness even after waiting 3 years, 5 failed IVF attempts to see that your child is made STATELESS and denied even the most basic of human dignity and respect is IVF/Surrogacy terrorism.

Solving infertility by creating innocent STATELESS children?

For an intersex couple of two genetic males in order to have children, one needs to overcome science and legal issues. Scientifically one needs help of fellow compassionate humans like the donor and surrogate women to have children. To avoid legal issues, an intersex couple of two genetic males LIES on the birth record of the innocent child. And what if the SAME LIES are used against their IVF/Surrogacy sibling to SEPARATE them and thus SEPARATE the BIOLOGICAL FAMILY? Is this the BEST way to solve infertility? Is using one IVF/Surrogacy sibling AGAINST their own sibling to have a child like IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? How do you define IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? Even some nurses who are infertile steal innocent children from helpless, defenseless biological parent and family BUT they do NOT make other children STATELESS like terrorists do.

Follow Archaic Laws or Show Humanity?

If one follows the laws, an intersex, immigrant couple between two genetic males CANNOT legally have a child via IVF/Surrogacy unless they LIE. If LGBTI adults have unequal rights, what rights if any do children of LGBTI have as a minority within minority? Gay marriage was illegal but does that make gay love illegal? As a human being, is it more important to show “humanity” rather than blindly follow archaic laws of one’s times in some cases. Just ask Lincoln, Susan Anthony, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Madiba, Malala and so many others or should we follow Saddam, Gaddafi and ISIS who knowingly create stateless children? What are the implications of these LIES on the innocent child? And even more barbaric is what if someone uses these archaic laws to exploit innocent IVF/Surrogacy children, is that still exploitation and crime against the children? Should we follow the archaic laws or show humanity to innocent children and siblings? Is showing humanity and helping an intersex, infertile adult so terrible that innocent children and siblings should be exploited or should they be spared just like the intersex adult was?

If you were an IVF/Surrogacy immigrant parent from India with one child in the US who was brought to the US by LYING and another IVF/Surrogacy child, their sibling, was kept OUT of the US due to the SAME LIES, what would you do? Would you go save your other child in India, an innocent little girl child, OR would you ALSO abandon her? Is saving a girl child mean losing a boy child? Is saving a sister mean losing a brother? And because it took the loving parent over 6+ years to save the girl child which gave the infertile parent, the mastermind, enough time to brainwash, alienate and separate an innocent child, does that mean the brother does not deserve their loving parent and sibling? Does that mean they do NOT deserve to know the TRUTH? Ariel Castro was a good parent until everyone found out he had exploited others’ children. Do you approve this method of solving an adult’s infertility by splitting biological siblings and making them stateless?

Looking Ahead – the Future, the Children

The future is about transparency, truth, tolerance, being united and not divided. Or we can live in fear and continue to generalize, demonize, vilify people who otherwise want to help and show compassion. The future is about the children and should we support someone who fights for children OR someone who uses innocent children and siblings AGAINST each other in an act of IVF/Surrogacy terrorism?

If you were the loving parent, what would you do? Save the girl child or lose the boy child or fight to UNITE SIBLINGS? Is this the BEST answer we have to solve infertility or is there a better way with compassion for all starting with innocent children?  How do you define IVF/Surrogacy terrorism?

The siblings will UNITE regardless, whether in childhood or in adulthood. The question is do we facilitate with truth and salvage innocent childhoods OR do we act as barricade with lies? Can we do better?

Cancer of Lies and children of LGBTI

The issue is NOT intersex or infertility, the issue is cancer of lies and the torturous results of selfishness and exploitation which divides and not unites Vs. Showing compassion and truth.

Up until 2015, it was not illegal to be gay in Texas but it was illegal to marry in Texas. Similarly, it is not illegal to have a child via IVF/Surrogacy but it is illegal to do so by a Texan who is intersex, immigrant, infertile. Our concern is NOT whether an intersex person is born with testes or is XY genetic male, but why should that stop a child to get their legal identity born during a marriage to such person? For the sake of innocent children and siblings, one is forced to speak the truth to ensure no one offends the children even if inadvertently.

The issue is NOT that an adult decided not to keep a child, the issue is why should two biological siblings be separated Vs. The abandoning adult claiming falsehoods and if they did want to UNITE innocent siblings, all they have to do is declare my pregnancy in court papers AND show up when born like they did for my biological sibling unless DIVIDE and NOT UNITE is the intent. The question is what is our biological brother being told? Lies or truth and that’s the concern.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male breastfed a child or not, the issue is they lie about having breastfed in India Vs. Claim never breastfed in US.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male was born with testes but claims “removal of ovaries” surgery in India Vs. Claims in the US was born with male testes.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male falsely claims our loving father abused children only to later allow unsupervised overnight visits Vs. The false allegations places the innocent children legal identity in jeopardy AND splits innocent siblings.

The lies can go on… hide one lie, there are a thousand lies. These cancer of lies cause delay in getting our legal identity (because laws treat these issues differently) as children of LGBTI, a minority within minority. How do these lies help us – the innocent children and siblings?

We showed humility in forced silence for years but why should one stay quiet when innocent children and women are exploited?

Between two genetic male parents, who is the mother?

The genetic male adult who abused and starved an innocent newborn by forcing breastfeeding with no milk or the one who fed the child?

The genetic male adult who consented to a child via IVF/Surrogacy but later abandoned them (no responsibility or accountability) making them stateless in India (and treating them like bait, less than a human being) while taking away their sibling in the US OR the loving genetic nale parent who gave up everything in the US to save the girl child?

The genetic male adult who knowingly used their legal status to split siblings and biological family OR the loving parent who wants to UNITE siblings?

The genetic male adult who continuously lies as laws are not in their favor while exploiting innocent children and women OR the loving parent who fights peacefully with truth and love for an opportunity to live peacefully and happily.

Dealing with same two children and siblings but how the society needs to progress from their perspective

If biological mother, XX female (how laws see it),  asks for her biological children and siblings to be united, everyone helps out

If a biological father, XY male (how laws see it), asks for the same biological children and siblings to be united, it’s demonization of the father but what about the children and siblings?

If a non-biological adult, XY female (how laws see it) who is infertile splits, separates and exploits same children and siblings, its OK? Thought any abuse, torture, exploitation of innocent, children, women was wrong?

In 2000s and even now, LGBTI adults do not have equal rights, then what of any rights do children of LGBTI have? And worse what if an adult in the know exploits these loopholes for selfish benefit while exploiting innocent children and women? Our family knows the lack of rights for LGBTI adults and tried to help but not to have innocent children and women exploited, one must speak up.

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BPO Vs. BFO – Why not equal humane treatment?

We start with perspective of children:bpo

11 year old brother is crazy about Star Wars and wants his little sister to also like Star Wars. His biological sister, an innocent 6 year old has been allowed to meet him once but both have been bonding over Skype cares more about dolls and anything pink or purple.

Brother : Star Wars is the best movie ever. You will the movies (proceeds to share all the toys, information, etc).

Sister : Do they have dolls in Star Wars and is there a girl “captain”?

Brother : There is princess Leia and shares a figurine. You like Star Wars now?

Sister : Maybe there is a star called “wars” and that’s why its called Star Wars. Maybe they should have a star called “Peace” and then it would be called Star Peace.

And what reason if any is there to continue to divide these innocent biological siblings? Can they teach us MORE than what we can teach them? Read on….

BPO Vs. BFO – Both have issues, how do we move forward with a working solution? Some people, companies in the west use Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to get projects/work done by outsourcing it to countries like India. There have been issues with this model and we will let experts figure out what works and what doesn’t with BPO?

Some people in the west use Building Families Openly (BFO) without borders to build families differently by doing surrogacy to countries like India. There are several good and bad issues with this but where is the HELP from authorities (both in the west and countries where innocent IVF/Surrogacy child is born) when some innocent children and women are exploited by a mal-intended adult?

As was mentioned at the #OscarSoWhite, there is sorority racism meaning children like us exist but not enough to be counted or treated equally, why? We have faith that some person in position of authority to act and do the right thing for dividing families because exploiting innocent children and women is nothing short of barbaric and heinous. For the same reasons Ariel Castro and Ann Pettway were wrong for hurting others’ children, it is wrong to exploit innocent voiceless children like us.  For we are someone’s child too who loves us and cares for us. We celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, I am an “international IVF/Surrogacy girl child”, what are my rights?

If there are laws in the US for products made abroad to be free of child and forced labor due to BPO, where are the laws to protect “real human lives” of innocent IVF/Surrogacy children made stateless also made abroad via BFO (if it feels offensive to read human lives described as “product”, imagine what it means to live it)? I am very much wanted and loved. Do their child rights and human rights count? Do we close this loophole so rogue malintent adults cannot hurt, abuse and exploit children for a selfish benefit and Spare the Child OR do we continue to hurt and insult the innocent child in blame the victim approach?

Recently, the US passed a law to ban import of products from abroad when they are made which violates US standards of child labor and forced labor. If “products from abroad” (BPO) can be protected in best interest of child rights and human rights, why can’t we ALSO protect IVF/Surrogacy children “made abroad” (BFO) by Americans who never show up resulting in a barbaric nightmare of legal limbo for an innocent child? Are we as Americans better than that and ready to lead by example in this subject area? For a child is a child, right?

A few years ago, the US government passed the Girls Count Act which provides funds to countries abroad to ensure new borns (initially girls and later boys also) are properly registered with a valid birth certificate. Has the same “spirit of the laws” been followed for “IVF/Surrogacy children” born abroad? Because everyone recognizes the “power of a birth certificate” when that is missing or is invalid – it can have severe legal implications on the welfare of an innocent child and their right to have access to education, healthcare, freedom, life in general.

Due to no fault of theirs, some adults are born infertile and are childless due to forces of nature,

Due to no fault of theirs, some innocent children born via IVF/Surrogacy are made stateless refugees and denied basic rights as a child due to forces of humans.

When fear exists, do we succumb to lies OR have trust and faith in doing the right thing with an eye on the future – the innocent children? Yes, life is not fair but do we teach our children tolerance, humanity and inclusiveness or do we teach hypocrisy, exploiting innocent children and women, bigotry and bullying?

Its offensive enough to be deemed “child born out of wedlock” simply for being born via IVF/Surrogacy but then to actually have this archaic laws used inconsistently against innocent children and siblings to split them and deny them rights is cruel, bigotry and bullying of 21st century. One does wonder how an infertile couple or gay couple or intersex couple have a “child of marriage” given current laws? By lying? By disrespecting single fathers, gay fathers, intersex fathers, loving fathers, non-genetic parents, we are ALSO disrespecting and denying rights of INNOCENT CHILDREN. The laws have not caught up with technology, if not in the best interest of the “loving parent”, is it time to do the “right thing” in best interest of the innocent child? Hold “loving parents” equally accountable and responsible.

We recognize immigrant, intersex, infertile adults are lacking reproductive rights and did our best to help as humans with humility and in silence, does that mean innocent children born of such relationships via IVF/Surrogacy can be exploited due to the same lack of rights? Who holds the western consenting parent responsible and accountable for a child they consented to but didn’t show up? It is one thing to say we don’t have laws or laws were broken to give reproductive rights to an adult but we still have LIVE humans, innocent children that we MUST deal with as a humanity – can we consciously as a civilized society give such answers to the stateless refugee children stuck in legal limbo due to no fault of their own other than to be born via IVF/Surrogacy and some selfish adult, a few bad apple, decided to abuse and exploit the voiceless victims.

Is it more important to be right or to do the “right thing”? Here is a “joke:”

Its circa 1800. A black slave decides they have had enough with slavery and want freedom as a human being. They approach the “court of law” who denies them freedom because in circa 1800 slavery is the law. Perhaps, the “law” even suggest to change the “color of the skin” and “comply with the laws”. Does that mean the “slave” was wrong? Or the “laws” were archaic?

So is it wrong to ask for freedom for a stateless refugee IVF/Surrogacy child and the rights denied due to it? or are the laws archaic in 2016? And worse, the duplicity is used AGAINST biological IVF/Surrogacy children and siblings to DIVIDE families and DENY their rights. For the record, this is NOT funny and is NOT a joke especially for the innocent voiceless victims continuing to suffer and be exploited.

Who gets spared?

  • The minority of infertile adult OR The minority within minority of IVF/Surrogacy child?
  • Do we spare the truth or lies?
  • Do we spare the adult or child?
  • IVF/Surrogacy is first and foremost about compassion and humanity, dealing with sensitive subject like IVF/Surrogacy with NO humanity or compassion even in absence of laws is offending and disrespecting the entire process of IVF/Surrogacy.

Bullying and bigotry against an innocent child is OK?

I am a girl child born via IVF/Surrogacy in India made a stateless refugee by an American parent who placed an “order” but never showed up (if it is offensive to read this, imagine what it feels to live it?). Am I “bait”, “blackmail” or a real human being with real individual rights and at least the basic human decency and respect if not equal rights. Here are the words and actions which led to my life as a stateless refugee before even being born after 5 failed IVF attempts over 3 years. And yes, I am very much wanted and loved.

  1. I never made any child custody claim for her, Medhavi” given to the court.

2) Also, a divorce was filed in the US with NO mention of me which started a series of domino effects of legal limbo for me.

3) NEVER came to India when I was born to help with my legalization and get a legal identity with which I can travel to the US.

4) My “genetic parent” in the US was under NO legal obligation to come to India as they did NOT sign the contract with the compassionate surrogate who gave birth to me. The 60 year old grandmother who did sign my surrogacy contract and wanting me in case of separation also did NOT show at my birth. Exactly, how else does one ABANDON an IVF/Surrogacy child and endanger my welfare by making me stateless refugee and neglecting me a child?

5) Less than 2 months after my birth, the grandmother married her other daughter lavishly by abandoning me a girl child mercilessly. Am I not someone’s daughter too? Is this how daughters are treated in a family?

6) The consenting American parent who never came to India at my birth to help me legalize due to their infertility and lack of reproductive rights did buy a BMW less than a month after my birth. No harm in enjoying a nice, luxurious car like BMW but is that how one shows remorse or grief of losing a child like me which they claim they “desperately wanted” OR is it a sign of celebration for something else? No wishes, no card, no phone call, no hugs, no kisses, no onesies, nothing as if I DON’T EXIST. Besides family, “non-genetic” related humans and even strangers did more for me! But where was the person due to whose infertility I was born?

Why should I have to be punished, made stateless, deal with legal limbo because they CHANGED their minds? Or was it intentional to leave me in legal limbo,exploit me as bait and blackmail to force our loving parent, the “genetic parent” to come running to India and thus the facts in US court are suppressed and we are separated from our biological sibling? Is this brilliant legal strategy albeit INHUMANE and BARBARIC the new way to have a child at any cost by exploiting innocent children and women and innocent helpless, defenseless biological parent much like the “baby scoop era” OR a nurse stealing a child from a hospital from a helpless, defenseless biological parent?

Are there weaponless crimes with voiceless victims and do they deserve any justice/rights or at least have a voice OR is will their voice be suppressed and justice be denied? The first step in dealing with infertility is COMPASSION of a fellow human. There will NEVER be laws which will force another human to help an infertile person, are there laws where it’s OK to exploit innocent children and women

If other instances are crimes, why is neglecting a child, endangering the welfare of a child, abandoning a child like ME not a crime OR am I not a child? or am I somehow less valuable? I am HAPPY our loving parent did NOT think so. Just like he helped an intersex, infertile, immigrant child before, he also helped an IVF/Surrogacy child like me and dealing with multiple very complicated SOCIAL and LEGAL taboo issues even in 2000s kinda like getting thrown back to the stone age of slavery, circa 1800 or the Salem witch hunt.

If its a mistake or accident, they say the bigger person is one who has the courage to admit it and not roam around luxuriously and freely in America with impunity while exploiting innocent children and women in India left languishing and stateless refugee devoid of freedom. We believe America gives and protects freedom, its just matter of time till a person in power sees the heinous and barbaric crime against my humanity and ACT.

Where are MY rights? Why can I NOT see our brother? Why are we NOT a family deserving to be UNITED rather than DIVIDED? Are we NOT a family? What will our brother feel once he is old enough to understand the TRUTH and having been forced to MISS out on all these years?

America is a leader in child rights and human rights and its more important to do the “right thing” than be right. We want an “inclusive approach” where both infertile or dysfertile adults AND rights of IVF/Surrogacy children can co-exist. Is building families differently WRONG?

Decades ago there was state sponsored legalization of forcing helpless, defenseless single biological mothers to take their children and give them to rich infertile parents later deemed as baby scoop era. Governments have later apologized but never have been able to restore the innocent time lost in childhoods. How is this different?

BPO is coming back as some companies are bringing the business and jobs back to the west. Is it time to be “inclusive” of BFO or do we continue to lie and use strategies of secrecy, deception to use against innocent children like me? If my surrogacy were done in the US instead of India, would this “legal trick” have been valid or would the consenting adult who didn’t show up be held responsible and accountable for me?

Machiavellian Fertility Wars – What is the Best Interest of the Child?

Fertility Wars – Not too long ago, in a world very close, fertility wars had erupted because sometimes people want a child at any and all costs. But FertilityWarsthe force is Strong in the “little girl” Medhavi born via IVF/Surrogacy left stateless in “IVF prison” from the fertility wars is growing up happily. We are thankful and with help of the STATE, she is able to be united with her brother despite the First Order, after all there is love and compassion in our civilized world where truth has a chance. But not for long. As the Force awakens, time will tell if the innocence and love of a little sister will overcome the dark side of Machiavellian fertility wars? Will this #BrownGirl, “Princess Leia” be united with her brother “Luke Skywalker” split at birth? Stay tuned. It is inevitable the siblings will meet either now or as adults, why barricade them from building a bond and memories? Let us unite them expeditiously and “begin to make things right”. Taking the “high road” has turned disastrous for innocent children and that changes everything where truth is the only way out.

Basic Human Dignity And Respect of a Child

Nowadays they say a girl can be anything, can she be a “little sister” as intended? These are the questions coming out of the fertility wars and for a parent, a child is a child and for siblings, a sibling is sibling, regardless of how laws see them. Do children born via IVF/Surrogacy count equally? These are the real innocent victims of fertility wars and as a parent both are equal and perhaps someday the rest of the world will also see them at least as human beings if NOT equal. No one is spared in fertility wars, not even an innocent child. My lovely daughter was conceived after several failed IVF attempts. Then she was NOT declared as a “child” when divorce was filed in the US. Then the other consenting side NEVER came to India at her birth to fulfill the legal obligations to “legalize” the IVF/Surrogacy child rendering her stateless and “deleting her legal existence”. No phone call, no card, no baby clothes, no nothing, as if a little human being DOES NOT EXIST. Up until then, there were regular visits and inquiries for the same child, so why the sudden “disregard and disdain” for the same innocent child, was it pre-planned? First and foremost, they are a HUMAN BEING, then a child, then a daughter, then a little sister. Regardless of whatever the justifications that an individual or anyone supporting such justifications, as a loving parent, please do NOT tell me that a child DOES NOT COUNT. She counts and the UNHCR agrees as they have the “I, Belong” campaign to eradicate childhood statelessness regardless of how the child came about. The heinousness has to be stopped not just against a daughter but any child like her because its wrong. As an IVF/Surrogacy parent, we already have enough trauma dealing with infertility emotionally, financially, legally and to have a child be “unrecognized” and “dehumanized” when born after several failed IVF attempts puts into question what does our civilized world stand for? Time will tell if “savingagirlchild” was the right decision or should it cost me my other child and a sibling and cost us our hard-earned American DREAM lost in the fertility wars? I came to the US at 17 with $500 bucks and was forced to leave everything of over 21 years to save my immigrant IVF/Surrogacy born daughter in India for wanting to help infertility in the US. I have no regrets as my daughter is far more valuable and I would have done the same for my son. The question is have I lived with American values of family first, equality, respect for all even if laws fall short? I was 37, my most formidable years as an earning professional and achieve my American DREAM and implicitly my innocent child’s AMERICAN DREAM, our dreams lost due to the fertility wars. Where is the tolerance and respect for our diversity as IVF/Surrogacy family? I like to have fun as much as the next guy but do NOT question my love as a parent without understanding the facts because only thing more powerful than lies, demonization, vilification, fear-mongering, threats, intimidation, abuse is TRUTH. When I see the world from the perspective of my lovely daughter, an abandoned child and deliberately made stateless with no help from perpetrators despite multiple requests as if she does not exist, it is hard to understand what exactly do big words in our civilized world that empower us normally like “savegirlchild”, “joyofbirthofsibling”, “womanpower” mean? Instead I see a repeat of a failed strategy of “baby scoop era” being employed to justify taking away a child from a loving, biological family AND a brother from a sister and somehow everything is “fair” in fertility wars including an innocent child abandoned and made stateless. Other words like “childhood statelessness”, “lies”, “demonization”, “vilification”, “fear-mongering”, “separation” take over and do not allow hugs and kisses or build any memories between siblings and a loving family. Fighting for her rights has taught me a lot, especially the ugly underbelly of fertility wars where somehow its ok to rob from Peter to pay Paul and hurt innocent children. It’s not OK because she is first a human being and deserves human decency and respect.

Recently in India, Ms. Asha Devi spoke out about her innocent daughter who was raped ruthlessly in 2012 and announced her real name as Jyoti Singh declaring why should they be ashamed, it’s the perpetrators who carried out this heinous crime should be held accountable and responsible for their actions. She is absolutely right, why should my innocent daughter, Medhavi, deliberately made a refugee as a stateless child be silent as an abandoned child with no help from the US parent who put her in an “IVF prison” ruthlessly and heinously. In 1915, it may have been OK to silence a rape victim for “family honor” and worse plead with the rapist to marry the victim to both “shield family honor” and the notion how can a single woman who is a rape victim survive? In 2015, no one would dare suggest this but yet somehow its OK to suggest that a parent who abandoned an IVF/Surrogacy child, knowingly made them stateless and never provided any help despite repeated requests should be allowed to “connect” with the stateless child victim? It’s NOT OK. It would be revictimizing the victim for the same reasons a rapist does not “connect” with a rape victim. And the ignorance which existed in dealing with rape victims in 1915 is the same ignorance in dealing with international IVF/Surrogacy victims. There is a right way and a wrong way and abandoning an innocent child, making them stateless and extending no help is NOT the right way. In an increasingly globalized world, we are a better civilized world than that and a child is a child equally valuable to their loving parent regardless of their nationality and birth type. The only thing more traumatic than the dehumanization of an innocent child, separating from a child and the emotional, financial, legal torture and trauma is being re-traumatized and revictimized by the same perpetrators in the “name of law”.

Bullying one’s way to Parenthood

One cannot bully their way into parenthood and where was the “parent” when an innocent #BrownGirl needed their US parent to complete her legalization as an IVF/Surrogacy child born in India with consent from a US parent? After several failed IVF attempts, why would a “parent” leave a child and more importantly what are the rights of the child when this happens? Do they count as human at least? Much like the “same-sex” marriage debate, while “laws” defined “marriage” between two people based on “gender”, rest of humanity believed “marriage” is about “love” between two people. In the meantime, some same-sex partners had to lie about their love in fear of persecution and ridicule like some folks claiming to be able to medically “reverse” being gay. The same bigotry still exists in different ways where the “laws” and “societal stereotypes” today discriminate against love of a parent and child based on “gender”, “birth type”, “nationality” while rest of the humanity believes “parent-child” is about “love”. Meanwhile in 2015 for us loving parents, IVF/Surrogacy children are just children like any other child and perhaps someday the rest of the world will also see them at least as human beings if not equal. For rest of the world, Medhavi, may be a “stateless” and left-behind IVF/Surrogacy child and perhaps does not count despite the UN Refugee agency running a campaign to end childhood statelessness. She is my lovely daughter and I love her just as much as any other child. More than that, I like to talk about my daughter not out of arrogance but she is also my savior from a repeated cycle of secrecy, lies, abuse, torture, trauma, medical negligence, lack of laws from which I could NOT get out. She is what is “good” in this world like the love and compassion of donors and surrogates, family, friends and strangers who gather “like a village” to help raise a left-behind child, she is what happens when good people surround us with their humanity. She IS the future we hope to build.

Does Loving a Child based on gender, genetic link or just love?

Emotionally and legally there is a difference between adoption and IVF/Surrogacy. In adoption which is regulated, the genetic parent for whatever circumstances without passing judgment did give up the child. In IVF/Surrogacy which is unregulated, the fertile spouse shows compassion and wants to share a child with the infertile or dysfertile spouse AND very much WANTS the CHILD. It is one thing to have laws not caught up with technology like IVF/Surrogacy as cited in the US Department of State June 2011 report, it is completely another to use the gaps in the laws against an innocent child, they are still someone’s child just like the victims of Ariel Castro were also someone’s innocent children. This is against our American values and we do not approve this message. We must work together with the same compassion that the larger IVF/Surrogacy ecosystem including donors and surrogates represent in an ethical, moral and legal way which respects rights of ALL especially the innocent children. The gaps in the laws is setting up a dangerous and heinous situation of a medico-legal disability where innocent children are used against each other in the latest tools in fertility wars. The dark clouds of Machiavellian fertility politics take over sacrificing everything, not even sparing an innocent little sister, an equal human being in her own right. For those who doubt, walk a step in the shoes of an IVF/Surrogacy parent where the laws require ALL responsibilities of a “mother” from the genetic parent but NO rights that of a “mother”, traditionally the “primary care provider” which implicitly hurts innocent children with denial of rights. With changing times, if the intent is “best interest of the child”, the system needs to update itself when a divorce is filed to ask the question to both spouses, “Are you responsible for any child or any ongoing pregnancies?” instead of “Are you pregnant?” This is NOT to say the system is ignorant but rather to say that some malicious minded people are manipulating the system and in the process hurting innocent children and denying them rights. And regardless of nationality or birth type, ALL children are equal. It is one thing to discriminate against an IVF/Surrogacy parent due to their “genetic link” to the child OR their “citizenship status” or their “gender” but it also implicitly discriminates against an innocent child AND innocent siblings who are separated at birth.

Real World Vs. Bizarre World of Lies

My child is still a child and as a left-behind parent, the US government provides milk and diapers for the child and NOT the parent. I want the milk and diapers with interest for my left-behind American child. The point is to recognize her as a human being instead of dehumanizing her and children like her. In America, we respect our differently abled and provide ramps, where is the “ramp” for IVF/Surrogacy children like mine for their medico-legal disability and for building a family differently? Abu Ghraib was a terrible tragedy by a few bad apples and it does NOT reflect rest of Americans and our values but it still did occur and right answer is to acknowledge facts, hold the few bad apples responsible and accountable and move forward. The plight of stateless children born via international IVF/Surrogacy is real provided truth is allowed. In the real world, the Canadian couple did NOT abandon the IVF/Surrogacy child and did NOT split the siblings. The US-Israeli mother did NOT abandon the children and did NOT split the siblings. Instead in both cases they fought against the system for years to get a legal identity for their innocent IVF/Surrogacy children while keeping the siblings together. It is a real problem with real consequences because in the real world countries like Thailand, Nepal, India, Mexico have banned IVF/Surrogacy for foreigners due to few bad apples. The UN has launched a campaign to eradicate childhood statelessness. Others in the real world are confronting the issue and addressing the consequences in best interest of the child. But in the US, how come fling divorce in the US creates a stateless IVF/Surrogacy child in India? Do they have rights as a human? A person can lie, suppress facts and legally “delete” an innocent child from “legal existence” denying their rights and live freely in the US while the innocent child is stateless and stuck in “IVF prison” in India and separated from sibling, how is that fair to the child? If my child and others like her are “human”, the democratic governments need to prove it with action and not simply compassionate words OR they should live the life of a stateless child to understand the dehumanization they face so they can take action as responsible democratic governments that works for ALL equally. In democracy, “numbers matter” and for any parent, the child IS their world. Ask this of any billions of parents around the world. Whether its a poor mom, a single mom, a parent of a Down’s syndrome or Autism child, an IVF/Surrogacy parent of a stateless child – we all want the same thing – respect for our innocent child. But somehow respecting a child depends on who is asking and not based on the needs of the child.

Whose stateless child survivor would you rather be – ISIS or international IVF/Surrogacy? Or neither?

Many people, especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apolgize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak you rmind even if you are a minority of one.  The truth is still the truth. ” – Mahatma Gandhi

On Gandhi Jayanti day, will anyone come to the rescue of stateless children and move forward with the truth?

For most people, it would be insane to compare ISIS Stateless Child and international IVF/Surrogacy Stateless Child but that’s because they have not been viewed from the perspective of a stateless child.STATELESS No loving parent will take the dehumanization of their innocent child lying down – whether done by a stranger OR a relative because it hurts innocent children. In a civilized world, we do NOT make children stateless deliberately and if they become stateless inadvertenty as in the case of IVF/Surrogacy, we resolve it fastest like Australia did in the case of baby Gammy. As a normal human being, we all have sympathy and compassion whenever we hear of an innocent child dying while trying to escape torture, but what does it mean to be stateless? As an educated, white collar professional, what does it mean to raise a stateless child? DEHUMANIZATION of the innocent child – that’s what statelessness is regardless how one got there – physical warfare or lies that break the laws. Who answers the questions of a stateless child?

When a child is stateless, well, they are stateless regardless of how they got there….war, refugee, slavery, international IVF/Surrogacy. As a loving parent, one has to move forward and deal with the practical implications OR abandon the innocent child and run away – sadly no one will care because they are stateless meaning NO RIGHTS. A stateless child means loss of freedom, no identity, loss of basic human dignity and respect, no chance of approaching a court for justice against the perpetrator. For example, a fleeing stateless child can make an arduous trip to Europe or America in trying to escape the persecution and if they die due to the hardships, they have no rights against the person who created this situation.

The Hole Pope said, “I Am Convinced That We Can Make A Difference“. Be it the Catholic church taking decades to recognize the sexual abuse against innocent children while protecting adults OR philanthropists like Rajat Gupta and Bernie Madoff frauding people, OR corporations like Volkswagen falsifying documents and tests, in the end truth prevails no matter how long it takes. We have no doubt the truth will prevail in this case also but will the innocent children be spared and be united and allowed to grow up together in truth and freedom?

Prime Minister Modi of India at his UN speech in 2015 PM Modi of India at UN 2015, “We must reform the United Nations including its Security Council so that it carries greater credibility and legitimacy”. The future is about truth and transparency like books about IVF/Surrogacy for children to help understand the facts and NOT about lies which hurts children and breaks laws like making children “STATELESS”.

And let’s hope the powers to be can address the needs of an abandoned IVF/Surrogacy child by an American who has been DENIED “truth”, “liberty”, and “justice”.  And how does this help a child? Even if inadvertently, are we dehumanizing the child? We just want the cruelty to stop against innocent IVF/Surrogacy children and families.

I don’t have a child who is blind, deaf, without a limb or leg, with Down’s syndrome, with Cystic Fibrosis, or any other commercial condition, I have a child who was used as a tool for blackmail and denied rights as a human being and is stateless. I have children who count and are stateless, is that enough to be treated as an equal?


Made Stateless by ISIS, Saddam, GaddafiMade Stateless by IVF/Surrogacy - baby GammyMade Stateless by IVF/Surrogacy - baby Modi
Loss of Freedom (Prison)YesYesYes
Loss of Fundamental RightsYesYesYes
Respect as a ChildNoYesNo
Dignity as a Human BeingNoYesNo
Refugee StatusYesYesNo
Justice and relief from perpetratorNoYesNo