21st Century – What is IVF/Surrogacy Terrorism?

If a bomb is left unexploded, does that mean the person who left-behind is NOT a terrorist?

If an IVF/Surrogacy child is left-behind in a foreign country making them stateless, does that mean the innocent child does NOT exist and have NO rights?

IVF/Surrogacy is about humanity and compassion; should children be treated as “business” even if born via IVF/Surrogacy or do all innocent children deserve to be treated equally? If you consent for a child, are you equally responsible and accountable for the child? There is forced labor, servitude, domestic abuse and violence, what do we call when one UVF/Surrogacy sibling is left-behind, made stateless and unable to leave India while their IVF/Surrogacy biological sibling is taken away and separated in the US. ISIS also creates stateless children, what do we call this act – IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? We pray and hope that the US shows respect and leadership in tackling this new problem of 21st century before its too late for some innocent children and siblings becuase we “#SparetheChild, right?

Dealing with Infertility

If someone is infertile, all they have to do is ask for compassion, there are lots of people who don’t mind helping and showing compassion to infertile people, our loving father did. Why does it have to mean exploiting innocent children and women, making them stateless, splitting biological siblings and family, they also are human beings and have their own rights as a minority within minority, right? Like the surviving families of MH370, we are left with NO answers of this rarity but the will NEVER give up because family IS family and children ARE children deserving of equality.

I never made a child custody claim for her, Medhavi”.  These are the words of Niti Atre who first consented to me having be born via IVF/Surrogacy to help with her infertility but later changed her mind and send these words via a legal system. This would be unethical, immoral and illegal in the US as Sherri Shepherd as learned. But as long as you do it in India, our lives are not “equally valuable”, right?

In case of separation, I will get custody of the child” These are the words of Purnima Atre who signed my Surrogacy contract and there was a DIVORCE initiated by her child (meaning she was privy to it) BUT the 60 year old grandmother and educated Indian woman NEVER came to take my custody but instead I did get the “NEVER made a child custody claim” in writing. Is not wanting girl child and female foeticide common in India even amongst the “educated urban”? Is this deadly dragnet between a grandmother in India and their infertile adult child in the US a terrorism sentence for me that made me STATELESS and denied my rights?

While she was luxuriously living FREELY in the US and zipping in the new BMW car she bought in less than a month after leaving me, me and my left-behind family were running pillar to post from the courtrooms to passport office to US Embassy in India to get me out of STATELESSNESS due to her actions and legal status. Is it fair or is it exploitation of innocent children and women? If there is any remorse, I haven’t seen anything yet other than lie after lie – how about setting an example as an adult with show of responsibility and accountability instead of bigotry, bullying and stealing candy from baby by stopping IVF/Surrogacy cruelty. While the grandmother pledged allegiance to help her biological child who happens to be infertile, what should we as a society teach innocent girls like me, I am also someone’s biological child and biological sister?

As a woman, perhaps someday I may understand the LOVE for a child BUT is the LOVE SO BLIND that you exploit someone else’s CHILD, an innocent girl child like me? Or is it that blood is thicker than water AND children like me are just “bait”? And regardless who helps out, man or woman, the way the laws are the only way an intersex, immigrant, infertile person can have a child is by LYING on birth record, so do you use those archaic laws and lies against an innocent child like me? Do I have rights as an individual to speak up and deal with the remnants of these lies gone bad? And there has been NO accountability or responsibility, not even a “Congratulations on my birth” forget the onesies and hugs and kisses, so any and all ethical, moral and legal boundaries have been violated to EXPLOIT an innocent girl child. What is the world doing about this IVF/Surrogacy Terrorism where I was left neither here, nor there and in legal limbo?

People do IVF/Surrogacy due to fertility issues. I was born via IVF/Surrogacy to help with infertility but there has been NO responsibility and accountability taken by the infertile adult and family other than abandonment, denials, lies, demonization, vilification, “self-preservation”, etc and so whatever moral, ethical, legal arguments they have against an innocent girl child are baseless because I was born into STATELESSNESS due to them while they live FREELY. As a humanity, is this how we propose to solve infertility?

First of all, IVF/Surrogacy is all about fellow HUMAN COMPASSION, the donor, the surrogate and the fertile spouse if applicable. Neither the donor, or the surrogate or the fertile spouse would agree to IVF/Surrogacy if the infertile person was going to LEAVE BEHIND the child and EXPLOIT them.  Second, no one engages in IVF/Surrogacy with intent of raising STATELESS children but rather to ENJOY them. But IVF/Surrogacy terrorism can destroy this happiness even after waiting 3 years, 5 failed IVF attempts to see that your child is made STATELESS and denied even the most basic of human dignity and respect is IVF/Surrogacy terrorism.

Solving infertility by creating innocent STATELESS children?

For an intersex couple of two genetic males in order to have children, one needs to overcome science and legal issues. Scientifically one needs help of fellow compassionate humans like the donor and surrogate women to have children. To avoid legal issues, an intersex couple of two genetic males LIES on the birth record of the innocent child. And what if the SAME LIES are used against their IVF/Surrogacy sibling to SEPARATE them and thus SEPARATE the BIOLOGICAL FAMILY? Is this the BEST way to solve infertility? Is using one IVF/Surrogacy sibling AGAINST their own sibling to have a child like IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? How do you define IVF/Surrogacy terrorism? Even some nurses who are infertile steal innocent children from helpless, defenseless biological parent and family BUT they do NOT make other children STATELESS like terrorists do.

Follow Archaic Laws or Show Humanity?

If one follows the laws, an intersex, immigrant couple between two genetic males CANNOT legally have a child via IVF/Surrogacy unless they LIE. If LGBTI adults have unequal rights, what rights if any do children of LGBTI have as a minority within minority? Gay marriage was illegal but does that make gay love illegal? As a human being, is it more important to show “humanity” rather than blindly follow archaic laws of one’s times in some cases. Just ask Lincoln, Susan Anthony, Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Madiba, Malala and so many others or should we follow Saddam, Gaddafi and ISIS who knowingly create stateless children? What are the implications of these LIES on the innocent child? And even more barbaric is what if someone uses these archaic laws to exploit innocent IVF/Surrogacy children, is that still exploitation and crime against the children? Should we follow the archaic laws or show humanity to innocent children and siblings? Is showing humanity and helping an intersex, infertile adult so terrible that innocent children and siblings should be exploited or should they be spared just like the intersex adult was?

If you were an IVF/Surrogacy immigrant parent from India with one child in the US who was brought to the US by LYING and another IVF/Surrogacy child, their sibling, was kept OUT of the US due to the SAME LIES, what would you do? Would you go save your other child in India, an innocent little girl child, OR would you ALSO abandon her? Is saving a girl child mean losing a boy child? Is saving a sister mean losing a brother? And because it took the loving parent over 6+ years to save the girl child which gave the infertile parent, the mastermind, enough time to brainwash, alienate and separate an innocent child, does that mean the brother does not deserve their loving parent and sibling? Does that mean they do NOT deserve to know the TRUTH? Ariel Castro was a good parent until everyone found out he had exploited others’ children. Do you approve this method of solving an adult’s infertility by splitting biological siblings and making them stateless?

Looking Ahead – the Future, the Children

The future is about transparency, truth, tolerance, being united and not divided. Or we can live in fear and continue to generalize, demonize, vilify people who otherwise want to help and show compassion. The future is about the children and should we support someone who fights for children OR someone who uses innocent children and siblings AGAINST each other in an act of IVF/Surrogacy terrorism?

If you were the loving parent, what would you do? Save the girl child or lose the boy child or fight to UNITE SIBLINGS? Is this the BEST answer we have to solve infertility or is there a better way with compassion for all starting with innocent children?  How do you define IVF/Surrogacy terrorism?

The siblings will UNITE regardless, whether in childhood or in adulthood. The question is do we facilitate with truth and salvage innocent childhoods OR do we act as barricade with lies? Can we do better?

Cancer of Lies and children of LGBTI

The issue is NOT intersex or infertility, the issue is cancer of lies and the torturous results of selfishness and exploitation which divides and not unites Vs. Showing compassion and truth.

Up until 2015, it was not illegal to be gay in Texas but it was illegal to marry in Texas. Similarly, it is not illegal to have a child via IVF/Surrogacy but it is illegal to do so by a Texan who is intersex, immigrant, infertile. Our concern is NOT whether an intersex person is born with testes or is XY genetic male, but why should that stop a child to get their legal identity born during a marriage to such person? For the sake of innocent children and siblings, one is forced to speak the truth to ensure no one offends the children even if inadvertently.

The issue is NOT that an adult decided not to keep a child, the issue is why should two biological siblings be separated Vs. The abandoning adult claiming falsehoods and if they did want to UNITE innocent siblings, all they have to do is declare my pregnancy in court papers AND show up when born like they did for my biological sibling unless DIVIDE and NOT UNITE is the intent. The question is what is our biological brother being told? Lies or truth and that’s the concern.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male breastfed a child or not, the issue is they lie about having breastfed in India Vs. Claim never breastfed in US.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male was born with testes but claims “removal of ovaries” surgery in India Vs. Claims in the US was born with male testes.

The issue is NOT whether a genetic XY male falsely claims our loving father abused children only to later allow unsupervised overnight visits Vs. The false allegations places the innocent children legal identity in jeopardy AND splits innocent siblings.

The lies can go on…..to hide one lie, there are a thousand lies. These cancer of lies cause delay in getting our legal identity (because laws treat these issues differently) as children of LGBTI, a minority within minority. How do these lies help us – the innocent children and siblings?

We showed humility in forced silence for years but why should one stay quiet when innocent children and women are exploited?

Between two genetic male parents, who is the mother?

The genetic male adult who abused and starved an innocent newborn by forcing breastfeeding with no milk or the one who fed the child?

The genetic male adult who consented to a child via IVF/Surrogacy but later abandoned them (no responsibility or accountability) making them stateless in India (and treating them like bait, less than a human being) while taking away their sibling in the US OR the loving genetic nale parent who gave up everything in the US to save the girl child?

The genetic male adult who knowingly used their legal status to split siblings and biological family OR the loving parent who wants to UNITE siblings?

The genetic male adult who continuously lies as laws are not in their favor while exploiting innocent children and women OR the loving parent who fights peacefully with truth and love for an opportunity to live peacefully and happily.

Dealing with same two children and siblings but how the society needs to progress from their perspective

If biological mother, XX female (how laws see it),  asks for her biological children and siblings to be united, everyone helps out

If a biological father, XY male (how laws see it), asks for the same biological children and siblings to be united, it’s demonization of the father but what about the children and siblings?

If a non-biological adult, XY female (how laws see it) who is infertile splits, separates and exploits same children and siblings, its OK? Thought any abuse, torture, exploitation of innocent, children, women was wrong?

In 2000s and even now, LGBTI adults do not have equal rights, then what of any rights do children of LGBTI have? And worse what if an adult in the know exploits these loopholes for selfish benefit while exploiting innocent children and women? Our family knows the lack of rights for LGBTI adults and tried to help but not to have innocent children and women exploited, one must speak up.

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