Global Warming is to Polar Bears and Unregulated Global Surrogacy is to Stateless Outsourced Children

Believe it or not, there are lot of similarities between the effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears and the effects of Unregulated Global Outsourced childbirth (Surrogacy) on innocent Children (Humans). Some estimate that by 2060, the polar ice will have melted so much that some where along the way, the ecosystem of polar bears will cease to exist and polar bears will become extinct. Perhaps by 2060, the unregulated Global Surrogacy market for outsourced childbirth will have deteriorated so much that either all countries will ban surrogacy for foreigners OR it will be highly unaffordable for most and effectively no more Surrogacy children will be born, effectively creating no need for “regulation and rights” of Surrogacy children because we do NOT exist. Regardless of one’s beliefs and side, in 2060, maybe the Polar bears are extincted due to the predicted reasons or other reasons we do not understand as humankind but they are gone and everyone will have to deal with the reality of “Global Warming” in their own ways independent of the Polar bears. Regardless of one’s beliefs and side on “Global Surrogacy”, in 2060, maybe “Global Surrogacy” will have been banned everywhere for foreigners and domestically it will be unaffordable for most and effectively no more “Global Surrogacy” children will be born and therefore “NO rights” needed. But others will still have to continue to live in the real world like the children and now adults in 2060 born of “Global Surrogacy” still with “NO rights”. Its not the trajectory we take but the harsh realities individuals face and the truth has a way of coming out even after death as Galileo and Copernicus discovered that they were silenced and even put to death for restating simple facts but their “timing” was incorrect. Today of course, centuries after their death, their facts about the solar system are not only widely accepted but taught to every child – our future. The CHOICE is up to us, regardless of the trajectory we take, exploiting any child, regardless of their birth type, will always be wrong, no justifications can make it right because it’s about a “child”. exploit-delete-crime

French king Louis the XVI infamously said, “If they can’t afford bread, ask them to buy cake” (but don’t go hungry). Clearly, he was very far removed from REALITY. And its kind of like saying to a Surrogacy child of a LGBTI immigrant, if you can’t get a passport to travel to be with family, get on a plane instead. Clearly, the “powers-to-be” are far removed from the REALITY that plagues children like us. How do we get over the hump where we are allowed to LIVE and LET LIVE?

  1. Great divide between two factions of people whether it’s true or not while the innocent get victimized.
    1. A faction of people think Global Warming is real and eroding the environment of Polar Bears while other believes its “natural” and there is no global warming while its a fact innocent polar bears and their cubs are dying.
    2. Same is true of children of Surrogacy from an unregulated Global Surrogacy market. The effects of exploitation, childhood statelessness, lack of human dignity and respect, denial of due process, denial of rights are REAL.
  2. The effects on individual victims are a microchasm of the future
    1. Some Polar bears dying are causing concerns because if left unchecked, the effects will lead to more chaos in their environment, ultimately, leading to their extinction. Since we all share the same “home”, the melting snowcaps, the rising waters, the rising heat will have long-reaching effects on rest of the lives, like us HUMANS regardless of whether we agree or not.
    2. Some innocent IVF/Surrogacy children made stateless or left-behind or used as human shields to take their sibling away if left unchecked, the effects will lead to more chaos in their environment like “Surrogacy ban” specifically to foreigners, effectively making “Global Surrogacy children” a thing of the past (extinct). Since we all share the same “globe”, the stateless children, the exploited siblings will eventually meet and get to know the truth and will ask as children, why don’t the deserve EQUAL protection like other children?
  3. “At the time of birth” arguments are archaic and not helping to solve anything
    1. Average polar bear life expectancy is 15-18 years; “at the time of their birth”, humans had just begun to talk about global warming in mainstream while as a backdrop, the entire human genome (our DNA, knowing oneself) had not even been mapped yet implying there is a lot we don’t understand in this world including us. In 2016, does the dying “polar bear” worry more about the conditions “at the time of birth” OR more about getting their next meal today and not being stranded on a block of ice with cubs? And how does the “cub” feel about the “at the time of birth” scenario?
    2. For an IVF/Surrogacy child, legal arguments used whether to give them a birth certificate or not, a passport or not is depended on circumstances “at the time of birth” outside their control. Like the immigration status of the adults, the gender of the adults “at the time of their birth” as defined by laws, whether both adults are present or not? How does a child get a birth certificate, a passport, a legal identity when two adults are born as “genetic males”, what goes in the “name of mother” field? Its a legal nightmare and so the best answer is to NOT issue legal paperwork for a child and deny the rights of the child?
  4. Diacotomy of taking sides or individualism?
    1. If HUMANS take sides like claiming global warming is real or is fake and is  “natural” cycle of the globe, they are bound to offend the other side and perhaps the reality is in the middle like most other things. Moderation solves problems and the question is are we here to SOLVE or here to FIGHT? The polar bear parent stranded on an ice cube away from the cubs on a different ice cube has a very different viewpoint and could care less about these “BIG” issues when their life as a family is about to change FOREVER.
    2. If HUMANS take sides on whether Global Surrogacy, outsourced child birth is OK Vs. “unnatural” and is exploitative of women, each side is bound to offend the other side. For the already born IVF/Surrogacy child, it is about being able to MOVE FORWARD like a normal child like getting proper legal paperwork and using it to get basic rights like education, access to healthcare, an identity as a HUMAN and so on. The child made stateless, exploited, denied rights and due process could care less about the gender, immigration status, sexual orientation of the adults who brought them into this world and these “BIG” issues when their life as a HUMAN is about to change FOREVER.

No one is questioning the roles of mothers but if we are to be inclusive, what is the message to children of gays, single fathers, intersex family as to what roles to “parents” play in their lives? Is it offensive to the children to trivialize or disrespect their parents for the sacrifices they made? Don’t judge a book by the cover and don’t judge a deleted, exploited Surrogacy child without giving me my due process in the court of law, I am not afraid of the truth, are you? It is true that bigotry and hate cannot help an intersex, immigrant, infertile adult to have a child by breaking the laws – love and compassion helps like doing international IVF/Surrogacy to share a child. Bigotry and hate IS pre-meditatively and knowingly DIVIDE siblings by DELETING a girl child to use as bait, a human shield because the laws have not caught up yet in favor of an intersex, immigrant, infertile adult. Paradoxically, its the SAME laws that affect both the adult and the child – the difference is how we deal with it – truth or lies, love or hate, compassion or intolerance, inclusion or exclusion. You DECIDE. Just be mindful of making statements which stand the TEST of TIME unlike the statements on gay rights, civil rights, women suffrage, rape survivors, slavery, Salem witch-hunt and so on. A justification may stand today but will not stand forever because abusing, exploiting, deleting a child is NEVER ok. Its the change from WITHIN which is at stake and its the future of children like us.

Much like the icebergs that polar bears roam on have a great unseen depth under the water, the issues of Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants also have a great unseen and deep legal, ethical, moral issues. But once we are here, we are first a human being deserving of equality just like everyone else.

SurrogacyGate : Maybe the innocent children and siblings have their “own best interest”?

Everyone knows human cloning is banned but what if a desperate, rogue individual needing a heart transplant decides to clone themselves with the intent of ripping out the heart of the clone to save themselves. Does the clone have rights? Will a birth certificate be issued for the clone? Who will be listed as the “mother” and “father” on the birth certificate? Or will the birth certificate list two fathers OR two mothers OR a new format from the government bureaucracy will be requested to be produced within matter of weeks or months because a life is at stake? It’s NEVER happened before and the scenario breaks the laws, so how will we handle it? Will the clone be given a legal identity? Does the clone deserve justice? Or will the “powers to be” say that the clone is illegal and no laws were followed in creating the clone and thus the “clone” is out of jurisdiction and underserving of justice?

The analogy is apt for a Surrogacy child of LGBTI immigrants. Its illegal but we are here, now what? Judge us, exploit us or help us? I am a Texan child and I feel concerned that somehow it’s OK in our generation to DELETE a child. Texas with a population of 27.5 million people and an average birth rate of 400,000 children per year, there are 400, 000 reasons why any child can be DELETED like me and its vicious impact. Are you concerned as a Texan, as a human, as  parent? I thought it was wrong to MESS with children in Texas, still true? In Texas, girls have freedom to fight absurdity with absurdity like the CocksNotGlocks. Regardless of whether you agree or not, at least America allows such freedom of expression. The same freedom is NOT given to Texan Surrogacy children, why? I DREAM of the day when Surrogacy children can talk freely without being extorted blood money by adults. The 311th Harris county court judge was forced to resign at the same time when the same judge passed judicial orders which both denied my justice and created a path of blood money to be extorted from anyone speaking out for me.  Other orders of the judge were rescinded or reviewed but not mine because the fox is in the henhouse. The current fox in the hen house approach does not solve problems but rather creates new levels of exploitation in the civilized world. I have faith in the system just not as much faith in some of the rogue individuals in the system who seem to be more thirsty for money and their own personal reputation rather than thirsty for upholding the laws and values of the US Constitution like truth, liberty, and justice for ALL including Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants. US counts “fertility rate” as number of children born to women. Does that mean the children born to two genetic males or single fathers do NOT COUNT (which is the case here)? Clearly, the definitions need to be revised and be INCLUSIVE in 21st century but these archaic definitions have serious implications on Surrogacy children TODAY when smart adults exploit these gaps in the laws.

Get to know the facts, You Decide. Love or Hate? What do we want innocent children – the future to learn? More of the same – repressive, hypocrisy that exploits, privileged are ABOVE the laws, archaic laws of 20th century slow to change OR acceptance and compassion of ALL even if laws remain the same?

Maulik Modi’s World of Children and Siblings Niti Atre’s World of Children and Siblings

Can Niti Atre specifically name ONE Action she has taken to UNITE us innocent siblings? I can name thousands and even millions of missed opportunities by Niti Atre to DIVIDE us. If I as a Surrogacy child of a LGBTI immigrant was denied to come to the US as per the laws unless I LIE about my documents, shouldn’t the same laws be equally applicable on other Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants like my biological brother AND also on intersex immigrant like Niti Atre? Has she lied to US government? Why special privilege for her as an adult but none for innocent children like me? I respectfully followed the laws, why not her? On paper, we are ALL equal in the US constitution but reality is Niti Atre and her cronies are ABOVE the LAW and roam freely with complete impunity at the cost of exploiting innocent, poor children like me and taking my freedom away.

Here is the reality of innocent children and siblings caught up in the politics of Surrogacy and infertility. Let there be no doubt, access to a legal birth certificate and passport, legal documents for a legal identity are not “family issues” but political issues just like two genetic males trying to get a marriage certificate. Any denials, postponement, ignorance is a repeat of the same legal, social, emotional, mental abuse and trauma of two genetic male adults trying to get a marriage certificate. Just like millions of people who are NOT gay but still support equal marriage rights because some may not be accepting but are still understanding and at the very least are not participatory and judgmental by denying facts of archaic and inhumane laws in someone else’s lives. Throughout history, social change and its resultant change in laws takes 2-3-4 decades to come about but that does not mean one stops dreaming about the days when one can be equal. The challenge of our status quo as Surrogacy children and siblings is whether this separation and s speaking up about it will invite more and continued persecution and exploitation or help and understanding? We can dream that one day we will be united or is it wrong to dream? In this interim period (currently), the rich, powerful, privileged can use their power to either EXPLOIT us or HELP us, adults can choose to respect Surrogacy children and our issues OR disrespect us and delete us, YOU decide what you want. It is easy for the French King to say give them cake if they can’t afford bread akin to mocking a Surrogacy child by an adult in Texas claiming they don’t have a passport, why does a Surrogacy girl child in India need a passport to come meet their Surrogacy brother in USA? If you can’t accept Surrogacy children and our legal issues, that’s OK at least don’t exploit us! Live and let live.

All Niti Atre has to do is RESPECT Surrogacy children and unite innocent siblings.  Niti Atre placed an “ORDER” and gave consent for an IVF/Surrogacy child in India, also a sibling of the child she claims to love, so she should uphold her responsibility and accountability if not towards herself as an adult but at least towards Surrogacy children and siblings. Niti Atre cannot legally get a passport for my Surrogacy brother despite having a Texas court order because she holds fradulent documents and the Texas court blatantly allowed her lies which violates laws in other instances. Like the SAME LIES were not allowed for me by the US government or for other surrogacy children when issuing legal documents like birth certificate and passport. It is one thing for Niti Atre to want to lie, fraud and break laws, it is another for others wanting to support her lies, fraud and break the laws, why is that an issue for us innocent biological siblings to be DIVIDED and not get legal documents as per laws?

Anyone who wants to take a stand should do so from the perspective of “Surrogacy children” and our issues and NOT fall into the trap of using one child against another which is what Niti Atre has done. If you say something in favor of one Surrogacy child, you may end up offending or abusing or exploiting another Surrogacy child which is what Niti Atre is doing.  But if you collectively look at the “issues of Surrogacy children”, you will realize the lack of laws issues is one thing but exploiting the gaps in the laws against innocent, voiceless children is wrong at many levels starting with our humanity.

For example, a well-educated, smart, powerful, privileged individual may claim that families are based on “genetic link” and therefore the loving, compassionate American family who gave me refuge with “NO genetic link” is not my family. Given such specific definition of family by an officer of the court, a Board certified Family Law Attorney which cannot be disputed without persecution, pray do tell, how can Niti Atre, their client, who has admitted to being born infertile nd cannot provide a “genetic link” as per her own legal counsel’s definition in court of law ever have a child of the “family”? And from the perspective of the child, my biological brother, why should he be DENIED access to his “biological family”, like me and my family. This is what happens when you pitch one sibling against another – you offend and abuse one while falsely claiming to “help the other”. Surrogacy is ALL politics and our case clearly shows that. For us Surrogacy children and FAMILIES, most of us already know beforehand that only one of the parent will have a “genetic link” but still do it. We are OK with it, are others, especially the “thekedars” of laws? People who do not understand multi-culturalism or are intolerant towards Surrogacy children of LGBTI immigrants should not PRETEND to know our legal issues because you don’t. Whatever legal, social, moral, ethical, financial, mental, emotional issues two genetic males have to undergo to get a “marriage certificate” – still banned in most parts of the world, it’s the same legal, social, moral, ethical, financial, mental, emotional issues one has to undergo to get a “birth certificate” for a Surrogacy child of LGBTI immigrants. Its all that + 1 because it’s for a another person, an innocent voiceless child meaning others can prevent you from speaking up and even penalize you for it, also known as blood money. Will the women at home, mother, wife, daughter accept the blood money of another “girl child”?

If Niti Atre is teaching truth, respect and compassion to my brother then why am I not included, his own biological sister and “family”? Ariel Castro was a good parent but exploited others daughters and eventually the truth did come out. Niti Atre and her cronies continue to exploit me and walk freely with complete impunity, a freedom she stole from me and now is stealing from my brother.

Does torture have to be only physical? Or are there other forms of torture like mental, emotional, psychological? Is the same true for abuse as defined by laws?