IVF/Surrogacy 2026 and Beyond

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The year is 2026. The IVF/Surrogacy children of 2000s and 2010s are grown up and…

Windsor-Obergefell-Truth-Equal Rights

Lessons from Rosa Parks, Edie Windsor, Jim Obergefell and Others

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I respect diversity. I respect women starting with my abandoned daughter, abandoning her would also…

America I Know

Coming To America for Justice for IVF Children

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Little over 25 years ago, like many immigrants at the time and millions more before…


International IVF/Surrogacy and The Quest for Basic Human Dignity and Respect

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Let there be no doubt – we are extremely grateful to the Indian and US…


International IVF/Surrogacy Freedom….Freedom….Freedom

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Freedom….freedom….freedom (Sing it to the tune of Eddie James song, Freedom). Oh! how sweet is…


IVF Legal Limbo and its Effects

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Its Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and his words to inspire people to always…


Disarming a Threat – IVF, Immigration, Intersex Issues of 21st Century

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Anytime someone threatens you, it needs to be addressed. Ignoring a threat will only lead…



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As the song goes, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. Turns out “RESPECT” is a common theme for generations for fighting…


Third Party Reproduction and Its Effects

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At the core, third party reproduction is about helping others. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, should innocent children be punished for it or be protected from some bad apples? Are we helping or hurting due to lack of laws for international IVF/Surrogacy?


Here We Come 2015 – IVF rights or NOT!

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A New Year Brings New Hope, A renewed Hope and let’s Hope 2015 is an year when equal rights for international IVF/Surrogacy IVF children and families are recognized.

gandhi-father day-truth

Past, Present, Future for Intersex, Immigrant, IVF Families

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Living in the past is unhelpful but we all are a sum aggregate of our…