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HAS VEDANT, A BROTHER ABANDONED MEDHAVI, HIS SISTER? THEN WHY CAN’T THEY MEET? It is not just about innocent, voiceless IVF children but its also about bringing to justice IVF terrorists who prey on innocent, voiceless victims of the IVF fraternity. The message is clear that international IVF/surrogacy is not a “personal drive-thru baby making factory”, it is real people, real rights that cannot and should not be denied. Stop IVF terrorism, stand up with “Meduvada”.

As a parent the only question I have, what is the siblings fault? The intent is to find an answer to this Unite Siblings for Rakhiquestion for the sake of my innocent children. If you truly love a child, follow King Solomon’s story about “SPLITTING” a child. The objective is to salvage innocent childhoods while there is time and do the RIGHT thing for the innocent children by uniting them. Medhavi turned 5 years this past September 17th – thanks to the VILLAGE especially all the wonderful women who have helped raise her.  Will the brother and sister meet in person for the first time to celebrate Birthday together? It has been 36 years since the first IVF child was born but still NO equal rights for IVF children and families including immigration. Why?

This was not a crime of greed, this was not a crime of vengeance, but it was an act of selfishness, a crime of selfishness” – said Judge P. Kevin Castel of Federal District Court.

If speaking the truth is wrong, I am guilty. If asking for the siblings to be united is wrong, I am guilty. If trying to give human rights to someone where government/laws itself fall short is wrong, I am guilty. If living ahead of one’s time is wrong, I am guilty. How are my IVF children GUILTY and why are they being PUNISHED to grow up separately? Abuse is when someone does something to anyone and then forces them to lie or be silent under threat. Our silence and compassion has been used as a WEAPON against our children. Why punish the innocent siblings? Do social issues get solved only when someone DIES or can they get justice while alive? This is a peaceful seminar on an international scale to honor TRUTH and FACTS and uphold prevailing laws.

Maulik, a male is talking about two very sensitive issues, predominantly where women are the majority – talking about caregiving and infertility. So he is already an outcaste based on looks and not actions. And the medical condition for which Maulik became a caregiver is even far more sensitive than the first two subjects. Wanting to talk about intersex people and the struggles of caregiving for intersex – both from within the family and with the inapt medical system, Maulik has gone beyond taboo. Truth is lost and forgotten and Maulik is asked to remain silent little realizing that the root cause of the problem is silence itself. If a victim is abused, do we ask them to remain silent or report the abuse? Maulik’s trauma and his children’s trauma are inconsequential. Its like Maulik and his IVF children are invisible and are not humans with basic protection of fundamental human rights and are left for dead like canaries in a coal mine.

What is the basic issue? The basic issue is this case involves intersex, IVF (infertility), immigration – all very taboo subjects and dealt with secrecy and lies and lack of laws. As per prevailing laws, the same two IVF siblings would be united if they were born of a mother. How is it the innocent IVF children’s fault to be born to a male? Should males only be allowed to do IVF if either the egg or the womb of their wife is being used? If not, then where are the laws to support other IVF cases? Or should we stop gays, single men, spouse of intersex from having children because laws do not support that? What happens to children WITHOUT a LEGAL MOTHER? Do they have LESS RIGHTS? This case is a social issue FIRST and the lack of laws for IVF and intersex (eunuch) families. Intersex in India and several Asian countries and Australia are legally recognized as the third gender or also known as Eunuchs. The right answer is to advocate, educate and CHANGE LAWS and NOT PUNISH and further VICTIMIZE the innocent children and their family. If gay rights existed, the children would be united. Intersex families are separate than gay families but from a LEGAL perspective, both are treated the same and so the legal complications are the same.

Is justice based on truth and facts? Is forcing two innocent IVF siblings based on fraud and lies to grow up separately justice? This is a 1 in a BILLION case. To shoot the messenger would be the biggest disservice to intersex people fighting for equal rights, IVF children and families and caregivers. Let TRUTH prevail so we can teach our children.

“Next To Creating A Life The Finest Thing A Man Can Do Is Save One” — Abraham Lincoln.

It is a fact that the laws fall short when we talk about equal human rights for eunuchs and IVF families. Unless we talk about the issues facing us, how can we expect to get justice and prevent this gruesome and heinous situation ever happening again? If we want to talk based on truth, we will have to discuss the facts. If we want to talk based on emotions and compassion and sensitivity, I ask the same for my children, I ask the same for my abandoned IVF girl infant, a woman of tomorrow.


The fact is not one but several crimes were committed in order for an eunuch family to have a child through IVF internationally. Why are we punishing the innocent children, punish the perpetrators. Have a complete criminal investigation for the facts to come out.

The fact is there is a “legitimate” medical record stating that a CAIS (Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) person had “removal of ovaries” surgery when science states unequivocally that CAIS people have male testes. Either the science is wrong or the medical record is fraud. What other “legitimate” records are fraudulent? What are the reasons for issuing fraud documents? What other lies have been said? Ironically, the UN recently released a statement calling for a STOP to such “normalization surgery” in intersex persons. What about the effects of such unnecessary surgeries?

It is a brave and honest person who can stand apart from the masses and openly challenge its most treasured beliefs. ~ Donna Evans

If this were a breast cancer surgery or treatment of Alzheimer’s, the trauma both for the patient and caregiver Imposing silence is abuse?would be known and understood. Both can talk about their issues freely and openly. Since there is so much secrecy and lies, there is little knowledge about doing a sex reassignment surgery (SRS) during a MARRIAGE and its effects on the patient and the spouse caregiver and his infant child. What is the scientific basis for recommending this surgery in an adult who is married? There is proof to avoid sex reassignment surgery (SRS) as we have been advocating all along based on our experience as caregiver. Now UN and a scientific report backs our claim. Is severe trauma and depression including wild mood swings, irritability, etc. caused due to the medical treatment? Add to that the eunuch patient had a broken knee which was also kept a secret from most. And during such time can an eunuch patient in recovery from Sex Reassignment Surgery AND with a broken knee be a PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER for an infant? What about the abuse meted out during these times? Yes, it is very traumatic, and what is more traumatic is to continue this web of secrecy, lies and fraud to heinously separate innocent siblings for personal selfish motive. It takes great strength and courage for a human being to transform and we support the eunuch patient for that. Watching your loved one transform physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually while having an INFANT is beyond describable in words. And sadly, it is a very lonely place because there is no precedence for this case. Spousal caregivers of traumatic conditions like breast cancer, Alzheimer patients have others to share with. Even eunuch patients have fellow eunuch people to share with. For spouse caregivers of Eunuch, it was lonely then and it is lonely now. How has the secrecy, lies, and fraud helped the young, male, spouse caregiver of eunuch and an IVF father?

The lies, secrecy, fraud was committed because eunuch marriage is illegal. The IVF was done to have a child. The crimes were committed for the sake of the child. Are we committing more crimes against humanity NOW by forcing them to grow up separately? Let us not forget that the “child” is MORE IMPORTANT than “having a child”. A “child” is NOT an asset but their own individual human being. Just look at my daughter…it takes a VERY SPECIAL PERSON to abandon her as an infant and ROB her away from her brother. Infertile people kill fertile parents for the sake of a child or making up lies is not unheard of. If there is TRUE LOVE for a child, one would NEVER SPLIT him from his siblings. We support rights of a non-biological parent both in words and action, we gave children to infertile person BUT we cannot support fraud, lies and heinous and gruesome situation against innocent children.

If the truth and facts are allowed to be stated, there will be NEW LAWS giving equal rights for IVF childrenequal law and families and eunuch families, a great cause for the society at large. What is WRONG about stating the truth and asking for a change in laws?

When I was left for dead and faced with a decision of choosing one child over the other, it was like the movie, Sophie’s Choice, a movie about a Nazi survivor. How can a parent choose between his/her children? If it sounds like the “perfect storm”, was it pre-meditated and manipulated or was it circumstantial? Only someone with intimate knowledge of the immigration laws for IVF children could have created this heinous situation. Even the US government does NOT share the intent as they have started allowing immigration of gay families in 2013. If gay family rights existed in 2009, the innocent siblings would NOT be separated. I do not want ANY CHILD or ANYONE to go through what I have gone through and the right answer for that is EQUAL IVF CHILD RIGHTS and EQUAL EUNUCH RIGHTS. From my near-death experience, I have learnt that silence is NOT the answer especially when one’s silence is PUNISHING innocent children.

I did not die or commit suicide, thanks to a great woman, my loving mother and my loving family. Although history shows that public uproar and justice is delivered on a social issue when someone dies. I choose to live for my children and fight to get them united and get EQUAL rights for IVF children, families and eunuch families. It’s a lifetime fight and in the bigger sense, a generational fight. However if someone kills me, that would be their choice. If my death means justice for my children and uniting them, then so be it but let us work to uniting the innocent siblings and NOT punishing them.

Every request we have, UNITING the innocent children, equal rights for IVF children, equal eunuch rights is INEVITABLE. All we are asking for is to accelerate so we can save innocent childhoods while there is time.bitter_truth_must_be_told

By having rights and laws, one can speak the TRUTH freely. And freedom is a basic human right of every human.

Live Free – Live Simple. Secrecy and lies breeds complexity, truth breeds simplicity and freedom. Not going to live my life living a LIE. 

Deleting a Girl Child and Exploiting Children are crimes unless you are rich and powerful

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